A pretty dress for the Cocktail Factory!

Why is it that when you have something specific in mind and actually have money (hello student loan!) you can never find what you are looking for! After looking round Preston town centre for about 4 hours I was ready to give up :( Then as a last resort we went into Debenhams and I spotted this little beauty in the Oasis section. I always forget about all the concession stores inside Debenhams I'm not sure why. Anyway this dress was on the sale rail for £30 reduced from £60 which in my eyes is a good bargain! I tried it on and it was a perfect fit! Last dress in my size and in the last shop-it was definitely destiny!

It was my friend's *belated* birthday night out so we decided to go to The Cocktail Factory for something a bit more special than the usual pub outing. It is expensive, with cocktails starting at £6, but they are beautifully constructed and taste so yummy (& get you way past tipsy!) The venue itself is very sophisticated (as you can see from the photos) hence the need for a 'dressy' dress.
Some images off their website of the deliciously crafted cocktails.
My friend's huge, free birthday cocktail :)          'Um Bongo' is one of my personal faves!

Here is a photo of me wearing the dress,with the lovely Rebecca (check out her blog too!)
I should be a member of this society ;)

I would like to say a big 'Thank You' to all my new followers and readers, I've only been blogging for just over a week and the support and lovely comments I've been receiving is so encouraging :)

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