Lazy Day!

Today was my day off from uni so I decided to have a pyjama day, wear no make-up and mooch around in my slippers! I have actually done some research for my new project (which I will explain in the next few days) so I have been on looking through all of the SS/11 collections which has been very interesting.

In true chill-out style I lit my 'peace' candle which smelled lovely although it didn't burn for very long but long enough to fill my living room with a relaxing aroma! 

Then I painted my nails using Nails Inc. in Victoria Gate and a GOSH top coat. I was going to upload a picture so you could see the colour but I did a really rubbish job of painting them aha so maybe another time :) Anyway the colour as you can kind of tell from the photo is a lovely plummy, berry colour which I'm really into at the moment.

And lastly to complete my lazy day I just made the most delicious hot chocolate ever! I bought the hot chocolate from TKmaxx food section just after Christmas so it was reduced to just £1. It is the nicest hot chocolate I have ever tasted and is pretty natural with the only ingredients being cocoa and sugar. It is made by a company in the USA called Burnham and Mills and comes in cute little tins that double up as money boxes when all the powder had gone! Then I add a huge spoonful of the Marshmallow Fluff which is amazing because it doesn't have gelatine in but tastes the same as regular marshmallows. I bought mine from Selfridges but I noticed last time I went into TKmaxx that they were selling it there for £1.99! They have some awesome-sounding recipes on their website which I might have a go at making soon including the 'Fluffernutter Sandwich' which is the marshmallow fluff mixed with peanut butter spread thickly into a sarnie mmm!

My hot chocolate in my Kitty cup :)

I'm going to the Trafford Centre in Manchester tomorrow evening with my friends from work so hopefully I will have some bargains to show you in my next post!
Rachelle xxx

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  1. ooooh i've not been to the TC in an age! i always spent obsence amounts when i do. did you get some goodies? love your cat mug hah <3


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