Birds, Bows and (Velvet) Bees...

Here is yet another post of what I've been buying! My poor bank account is getting a hammering. Well not really a hammering, more like a prod because my latest buys have been super-duper bargains :) 

Here is my cute little floral swan who is perched on the windowsill next to floral cat! I found her in a charity shop on my road for just 75p :) There seems to be a few gaps on my windowsill now after I accidently killed my Rose plant and all the Christmas decorations have been packed away, so much to my boy's dismay ("I like minimalist Rache, why do you have too fill every empty space...yadda yadda") it will be filled again soon.

 These teacups and saucers are so adorable! After we had left the Charity shop I spotted them in the window and went back in to snap them up. I got three saucers and four cups all for £1. I've been wanting some for ages so I can use them to make candles. All I need to do now is buy the wax and hey presto-super cheap and cheerful candles :)

These tins were a little present of my mum, she bought them from the Lakeland limited sale. I'm obsessed with anything cupcakey so these are perfect! I'm not sure what I'm going to put in them yet but I know I want to have them on display somewhere.

 I've been wanting a pair of loafers for a while now but had resisted buying a few times because the ones I seen were a bit bland and nothing special really. I saw these ones on Amazon and they had been reduced from £65 down to £19! The reviews were good and they looked lovely with the purple suede and brown fringing. I am always a bit dubious when buying shoes on-line though because I like to try them on first. My pet hate is wearing in uncomfortable shoes! When they arrived the packaging was so cute that I had to include it in the photos. They fit me perfectly but are a little stiff around the edges but like most leather shoes they will soften after a few wears.

I hadn't heard of Velvet Bee before. I looked on there website and they have the most beautiful designs and the attention to detail is amazing. Plus this particular pair was featured as 'The Bee's Choice'.

Rachelle xxx


  1. So cute that teacups and cupcakes boxes!! Lovely blog!
    I follow you!

  2. Those cups are cute! and nice tins too ...xxxx

  3. Hi Rachelle, Claire here from Sitting Pretty!
    Your blog is looking great and you seem to have a good direction with your quirky finds! I'm following now :)
    In terms of third year, just pretty much work as hard as you can because you have loads to do, especially in the first semester. The fashion show you do literally takes over your life!
    If there's anything you want to know just email me :)

  4. Just found your blog, and I'm already jealous of your first post! love things like this, epspecially the cute bow tea cups and shoes :)
    xx D


  5. These are so cute!



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