Puzzle Project!

 For our current project we have to create a still life editorial which bizarrely has to be based on a jigsaw puzzle! There are other factors mentioned in the brief such as it has to be inspired by accessory/beauty/interior trends for 2011 but apart from that we are pretty much free to do as we please!
I found this puzzle in the charity shop on my road for 49p (why not 50p?-random) I love the 1950-60s housewife look and I think quite a few trends this season are inspired by that era. I haven't done a jigsaw for about 10 years! This one has 1000 pieces and the outside edges are already challenging me haha! We have 4 weeks for this project but I can imagine it will take me at least a week to even make the flippin' thing...Jigsaw and tea party anyone?
I start my fashion image module tomorrow which means that we get to collaborate with the photography students-exciting!
Rachelle xxx

P.S The Polaroid effect on my photos has been made by using the fantastic Poladroid Image Maker :)


  1. Thats a really cool jigsaw! I like it. Good luck getting it done xxx

  2. I love collaborating with other students from school as well... normally I'm the one behind the camera!!! :) wish we could work together someday!

  3. Sounds like a cool project, you'll have to post the end result when you get it done. Sally x


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