Four-Monthly Goals 2016 1/3

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Hello everyone,
I hope you are enjoying the glorious sunny weather! I cannot believe we're more than half way through April already. I feel like this year is whizzing by. I like setting 'goals' now and again so I think instead of  monthly/yearly goals 'four monthly goals' are a novel idea. I can't seem to think of a zappier name Quad-monthly? A third of the year has already gone goals?!
I usually just jot them down in my notepad but I thought I'd share them with you guys so that you can see what's going on and also so you have proof that I said these things!

1) Get into a fitness routine.
I have massively let my fitness slide since moving home, especially since Christmas I haven't got into a good routine at all! More sitting on my butt and eating vegan cake. I'm too far away from a gym so I'm planning to get hula hooping, walking the dogs every day and doing some weights! All things that are totally free but will make a difference.
I got a new blender last week so I'm excited to get back on the smoothie wagon and make my own soups and dips.

2) Work on my nutritional therapist course.
I feel really bad about this as I bought the online course last year and I haven't knuckled down and studied for it! I'm still really interested and although it is much harder than I thought (it's very science based) I need something to challenge my brain power and keep me focused.

3) Book a holiday.
It's our 6-month anniversary this month so my boyfriend and I have been planning some trips away but we haven't booked anything yet! My criteria is that it has to be sunny, have a beach, a good market, and vegan food! (The essentials haha) We are planning on some more exotic travels after summer so for now we're just thinking of a lil weekend break. Please send me your cheap and cheerful recommendations.

4) Keep 'Kondo-ing' all the things.
I'm still on my decluttering mission. I want my caravan to be a creative functional space, not brimming with 'stuff'. So I'm going to carry on whittling through all my whimsy and then do a caravan tour for you guys.

5) Read more, watch less.
I visited my auntie up in the lakes last weekend which I haven't done for years! It was nice to explore a new area and catch up with family. She's a hippy at heart and her house is full of quirky nick-nacks. She's got the biggest book collection I have seen so I used it as a library and I have borrowed a few 'life-changing' books. I'm going to make sure I get into the habit of reading everyday again. I'm reading one called 'Creating Money' at the moment and its honestly brilliant. I feel like I may have to dedicate an entire post to it! I also cancelled my Netflix subscription today which saddened me but I hope it will save me some money and make reading a priority again.

What goals would you like to achieve in the next four months?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx

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