What I Thrifted This Month: MARCH

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to my new feature- 'What  I Thrifted This Month'!

I'm a regular in the secondhand clothing game so I thought I'd show you my purchases each month. I've decided that I'm not going to buy any new clothing* (*apart from underwear, tights & socks) because I've been finding brilliant pieces in the charity shops lately.
Plus I'm trying to reduce my impact on the environment and of course, buying new clothing contributes to that! Honestly, it's got to the point where I rarely buy anything new anyway, I often browse TKMaxx and have a little mooch on ASOS but I haven't bought new clothing for a while.

Another point is that I'm trying to create a super-duper capsule wardrobe of my favourite pieces and long-wearing basics. I'd love to be able to wear lots of different outfits with a few fun building blocks. I'm not the kinda gal who's going to don a basic, neutral wardrobe, I love colour and print far too much for that!

So without further ado let me introduce you to my March thrifted finds...

Nightingale T-shirts
So at the charity shop where I volunteer we had a lot of donations that were the brand 'Nightingale'. I've never heard of them but after a lil Google it seems like it's a jazzy brand for the more mature woman :')
Anyway that's totally fine by me, the black tee is a thick, ribbed cotton which is a clothing essential in my eyes. Perfect for layering up and still on trend.
The red, patterned tee is amazing, again it's a thick cotton with a crazy eighties print all over it.
I think they were around £2 each.

Monochrome print trousers
I just love the print on these trousers, they remind me of henna tattoos. These are by George and they are my new lounge trousers. They come up a little short on my giraffe legs but I kinda like the cropped look. I think in the summer I could possibly get away with wearing them as casual hippy trousers.
They were £1.50.

Cheap Monday Jeans
These were a brilliant find! I was mooching Preston flea market as I some time to kill between trains and I went to the stall which is literally a mountain of clothes. I've had some good buys from here before such as a vintage Laura Ashley dress and a Topshop faux leather skirt both cheap as chips. So I had a little scour of the pile and I saw this label peeking out at me. I had ordered some Cheap Monday jeans a couple of years ago from the Urban Outfitters sale but had to send them back as they were too small. So I dug them out of the pile and whaddya know-my size & leg length! For any of you taller ladies out there you know how difficult it is to find well-fitting jeans that are long enough in the legs, so I was definitely bagging these. I asked the man how much he wanted?
'Errrr 50p love'
So I put them through the wash as soon as I got home and when they were dry they were perfect fitting. I also had a look on the Cheap Monday website and this style are still retailing for £55! I love it when that happens.

River Island Print Trousers
I realise that this is quite a 'trousery' thrifted feature and that is because I only owned 4 pairs of trousers before this month, Three of them being jeans. Sometimes you just want some fun trousers that are really comfortable too.
I've already worn these and they are really comfy, I wore some thermal leggings underneath coz A. it's still freezing and B. I'm a reponsible adult haha.
They also take up very little space so I can definitely see them coming with me on travelling adventures.
They were £3, similar River Island styles are retailling at £40 on their website!

So that's my March finds, 
Have you found any charity shop bargains recently?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx


  1. I cant remember the last time that I bought a new piece of clothing (except like you say underwear) and you have some beautiful bits there, I especially love the dark floral trousers.

    I keep watching youtube videos and reading blogs about capsule wardrobes but I just dont think I could do it!! Looking forward to seeing this post each month

    Charlotte xx

  2. I really like those black and white trousers, they look super comfy but also like something that looks attractive to wear. My only comfy trousers are PJ bottoms, which I can't really wear out of the house (too often!).

    I bought a cardigan from the charity shop today for the princely sum of £1 :)


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