How To Make Money From An Epic Spring Clean!

Spring, Spring is here! 
The Daffodils and baby lambs tell me so :)

What better time to completely declutter and refresh your space? When you have whittled out your charity donations from your recycling pile and are left with only the treasures you've collected over the years, what do you do with the excess?
Stuff that is mediocre or things that just aren't you anymore-You sell them on of course!

When I first downsized from my spacious, mansion flat into a teeny caravan on my parents drive I had a MAJOR clean out. I sold lots of my possessions too as I wasn't sure when I'd next be employed. So I thought I'd share my experience selling secondhand so you can minimise mess and maximize money!

What to sell: High street/vintage/designer clothes, collectables, technology.
What to expect: Annoying 'ebayers' asking silly questions, bidding wars, slow payments.
What to prepare:Take some great photos, if it's clothing make sure they're ironed & show off the details.
Keep packaging that you can re-use, I always used to steal mounds of bubble wrap from the delivery at work. A roll of brown paper & parcel tape are much cheaper than jiffy bags.

Car Boot/Flea market
What to sell: Clothes that aren't as special can go in the £1 bargain bucket, books, crockery, ornaments, dvds, beauty products, craft items
What to expect:  People are vultures when you set up, haggling is paramount, you won't believe what people will actually buy.
What to prepare: Plenty of change, carrier bags, good company & a flask of tea. Warm clothes are a must too.

Sell & seek/Facebook pages
What to sell: Toys, baby things, furniture, appliances
What to expect: Lots of inbox messages, timewasters, quick turnaround, meeting 'interesting' people
What to prepare: Take good photos, write down the details & a price you can haggle with.

I've just bought Marie Kondo's book 'The Magical Art Of Tidying' and I plan to totally declutter my caravan and sell what I no longer need. I keep watching lots of minimalism videos on Youtube too and I really like the idea of that. I'm not a materialistic person but I do have a lot of stuff that I don't really see a purpose for anymore. When I'm happy with my space I'll do a mini caravan tour!

Let me know if you use any of my tips :)
Thanks for reading,
Rachelle xxx

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