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So recently I've become a real fan of blogs written by some super-inspiring ladies, I've always been a fan of Gala Darling and her sequin-encrusted happiness tips, more recently I've been introduced to Gabrielle Bernstein who shines a light on gratitude & how to manifest miracles & I love Marie Forleo's Youtube channel where she talks everything about 'creating the business and life you love' and what do all the ladies have in common? They've chosen a spiritual path. Now without getting all crystal balls and chakra aligning on you, I've been thinking about well-being a lot more recently and how it plays such an important role not just physically but mentally too. These ladies are bringing traditional values to the 21st century! New age fun with a vintage feel!

Right now I can't really class myself as a spiritual person, yes I make smoothies, burn incense and own way too much tie-dye but I don't really commit to a practice. That being said I've promised myself that I'm going to take up yoga soon and try meditation again. I just want to experience a sense of calm and clarity that so many people achieve through taking some time out in the day.

Luckily for me they have opened a new yoga studio just down the road, plus I get a 'well-being allowance' from work which is such a great bonus! So I'll be attending a class there soon...
I was recently contacted by Jane from OM yoga letting me know about the Mind Body & Soul Experience taking place in Manchester on 10th-11th May. I have never been to anything like it before but I'm really excited and I think it will be the perfect opportunity to spark my interest. They have workshops running all weekend, plus a yoga show, free classes & treatments and over 100 stalls to inspire! You can buy tickets for the event at the door or if you buy online they are slightly cheaper ;)  

"The world is full of mysteries, amazing people, natural science and age old wisdoms. The Mind Body Soul Experience not only brings these elements together, but adds a splash if excitement, a dousing of entertainment and more than a fair share of pampering. Covering complementary health, spiritual awareness and personal development, the show is the largest of its type in the UK."

I'm looking forward to spending the day in Manchester and meeting some interesting characters. If you're based in the area you should totally come and check it out!

What do you think about modern-day spiritualism? Do you do yoga?
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