Hello Everyone! 
It's less than a week til I move house and I'm getting really excited :) I've started packing a few things and having a good old sort-out. Our new place has much less storage space so I've been really ruthless when sorting out my belongings. If I'm genuinely not in love with it, it's going on the charity shop pile mound!

At the house we're living in at the minute it's very run down and dull hence why any outfit posts have been virtually non-existent for the last year. Our new place is super-light and bright with huge windows and it leads right on to the park so it's got an entirely different feel to it. It is already furnished which means I can abandon my mass of mismatched furniture (horaay!)

I've been searching on Pinterest for decor ideas, as it's rented accommodation we won't be able to fully decorate but it's a nice, crisp, white canvas for us to move into...
I don't actually own anything by Kate Spade but I think some of the designs are beautiful. This candle is 'white willow' scented which sounds pretty dreamy. I think the packaging is the main winner for me-gold & polka dots! I'm not sure if you can buy them readily in the UK but they are $40 on the Kate Spade site. 

I've become obsessed with the idea of houseplants! In my current home we have very little natural daylight vampires so plants would definitely not thrive here. At work I really enjoy looking after the aloe vera plants & orchids so I need some planty babies in my life. The surroundings of the new house are entirely green & leafy so it's a case of bringing the outside in too. These planters are amazing. The etsy shop Mudpuppy have some quirky designs. 

How sweet is the print on this duvet?! You can't move into a new house and not have a crisp, new duvet set. Look at the little foxes, deer, bunnies & squirrels! This would definitely go well in my new bedroom. There are so many squirrels scurrying about in the trees just outside. Oh yeah I forgot to mention the best part-it's only £12 for a double size, would you believe it's from ASDA?! Cheap & cute :) Asda also have some other lovely, affordable styles. I think I need this pretty, vintage design too...

Ahh the humble Expedit unit, you can be used it so many ways, you look so plain yet are so versatile. I searched 'Ikea Expedit' on Pinterest and literally spent about half an hour looking at all the 'hacks'. As I mentioned before the new place doesn't have much storage, as it's already furnished we don't want to clutter the space too much so I think the Expedit is the best option.

Where are your favourite places to shop for cute interior things?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx


  1. The Ikea Expedit is brilliant! Although I read somewhere that they are discontinuing it so you might have to be quick! x

  2. As Charlotte mentioned, the Expedit is being discontinued but is being replaced by the (I think) Kallax, it looks pretty much exactly the same but with a thinner surround. Apparently that extra cm of MDF that's saved on each unit will save Ikea a fortune!

    Good luck with the move, big windows and white walls are brilliant.


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