Hi Guys,
I thought I'd share my latest obsession with you all: Coconut oil! 
I first heard about Lucy Bee coconut oil after mooching on Amazon and finding it was a top seller in the health department. I've heard a lot about coconut oil in the past but have struggled to find a pure version that was multi-purpose.
There are literally hundreds of benefits of switching to coconut oil instead of typical cooking oils and butters. The Lucy Bee website is full of facts and tips about how to use the stuff.
Here are my favourite ways to use the oil...

Hair Treatment
I cannot describe how shiny and healthy-looking this leaves your hair. Imagine a glossy, shiny thing with added radiance & luminosity and then I guess you're about half way there ;) It's sooo nice! I warm a cup in the microwave for 10 seconds at a time so it doesn't overheat. I then apply liberally all over. Massage into the scalp right through to the ends, wrap in a towel and leave for as long as possible. Overnight is the best, just pop a towel over your pillow. Then I shampoo it out in the morning and follow with a long, cool rinse just to make sure all the residue is out. There is no need to buy fancy hair masks because seriously this is the most effective, natural product there is! 

So essentially you can use coconut oil instead of normal cooking fats such a butter, olive oil, vegetable oil etc. I've found it makes yummy no-bake, no-butter, no-sugar flapjacks which are delicious. I'll have to share the recipe with you guys soon as they've become our new favourite afternoon snack at work :)
With pancake day coming up soon, coconut oil is the perfect thing to fry them with. It leaves a subtle bounty-ish taste which is beautiful on pancakes. Eating one teaspoon a day is meant to do wonders for your insides too. I like adding it to my morning smoothie concoctions.
I've also used it for savory dishes and it makes a fry up less calorific! Mmm coconut eggs & mushrooms...*drools*

Facial Oil
Coconut oil is a natural antibacterial as well as being a highly nourishing oil which makes it perfect for using on the face & body. Warm a little in your hands (it melts at body temperature) and give yourself a 2 minute facial massage once a week. If you have dry skin it could be beneficial to do this more often. I have oily, acne-prone skin and after I used the coconut oil my skin felt deeply moisturised and plump without being oily & greasy. It also helped to even out marks from scarring and reduced any redness too!

You can buy it on Amazon here also I noticed that they have started stocking the smaller size in Sainsburys if you want to try it first. 

Here is an illustration that shows other uses for the magical oil! Thanks Ness for sending me this on Pinterest. :)

Have you tried coconut oil before? Do you have any other ideas of how it can be used?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx


  1. This stuff sounds amazing - I definitely want to try it on my hair and can't wait for that flapjack recipe!! ;D

    Jess xo

    1. Jess you really need some in your life! Can't get over how amazing it is :) I'll get the flapjack recipe up soon xxx


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