Happy New Year!!
As we say goodbye to 2013 and a big HELLO to 2014 it's a perfect time to reflect and set some goals for the year. Last year I made a list of resolutions here and it's safe to say that I didn't achieve the majority of them but I'm fine with that, they were very specific things and there's plenty more time for them to happen!
So instead of writing a big long list of things I want to see & do, I've created a list of things I'd like more of in 2014...
I like how this leaves a lot to the imagination, it's a guideline for things I want to bring into my life instead of a strict list that I'll feel guilty about if I don't stick to it.

In regards to my little blog space here at Inspired By The Retired. Expect to see more! I know I said that last year but working full-time during the day/a pub job in the evenings/volunteering/commuting really didn't leave much space for blog time excuses excuses. Hopefully I'll be moving house soon which means I'll be much closer to work which, in turn, should create more free time. Plus I'm hoping for a massive room with a walk in wardrobe ;) (bye bye tiny box room!)

Anyway thank you all for sticking here with me and I'm excited for the upcoming year!
What goals would you like to achieve this year?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle x

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