Whimsy Life: MINI ROOM TOUR!

I know that I am an absolute sucker for room tours, I am a nosy-parker but an interior fiend! I can spend hours looking at room tours on YouTube or interior boards on Pinterest. I spent my childhood watching 'Changing Rooms' and 'The House Doctor' so I think about my living space A LOT! I would absolutely love to share all four corners of my bedroom with you but I'm not happy with how it looks. The landlord needs to give the whole place a lick of paint, new carpets wouldn't go amiss & all of my furniture is completely mismatched. However there are some cute areas of my boudoir that I don't mind sharing with y'all...

My shoe collection//Pretty, crafty books//My comfy bed//Cute storage boxes
Cakestand, marshmallow fluff & toadstool candles//Candle holders & coconut rum//Make-up storage// Mirror and antique plate

So as you can probably tell my room doesn't really have much of a theme but I'd like to think it's a bit bohemian and eclectic :) I get bits and pieces from all over the place but I thought I'd mention where a few bits came from...

Preston Flea Market: My cushions on my bed, the gold mirror and the antique plate all came from the flea market! On different occasions of course but all together the three items cost me less than a tenner! The cushions were cloth tablemats that I sewed together to make cushions!

Bargain High Street Shops: As I mentioned in a previous post Wilkos homeware is looking brilliant at the minute. They very kindly sent me the storage boxes and the tealight holder from their Wilde collection to adorn my little room. My duvet cover is also from Wilkos and is still going strong after nearly 4 years!

I got the 'R' initial mug that holds my make-up brushes from Homebargains and it was only 99p! The little drawers that hold my make-up are from Au Naturale aaages ago! Who remembers Au Naturale-it was amazing! I'm sure these drawers only cost a few quid and they have lasted almost 10 years! I think I'm going to decoupage or spray paint them as they are looking a little tatty now and could use a revamp.

Gifts: Last Christmas I received some really generous, cute homeware from my lovely work colleagues/housemates/friends! Some of the books were gifts, the toadstool candles, cakestands, flamingo make-up bag & initial tealight holder were all amazing presents!

So I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peak into my bedroom and hopefully when I'm happier with the whole look I'll share more photos or even do a cribs style video (I freaking love cribs!)

Do you enjoy room tours?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx


  1. Aaah, everything looks gorgeous! I've started going to the car boot in Preston a lot more recently, finding some really good things there!

    My Mum was obsessed with the House Doctor when I was younger too, haha. xo

  2. Hei! I just found your blog and it is amazing!

    I am following your blog and I hope you will follow mine too!

    Also, I would love it if you checked out my latest letter to Anna Dello Russo here

    Ana V

  3. Love marshmallow fluff!

    Now following you on GFC and would be great to get a follow back, if you would like to follow each other? :)

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