So here's a quick post today just showing you a few very cheeky purchases that I made today from the Urban Outfitters website. For today only it is 20% off ALL of the products including sale if you use the code: APRIL20 :) So by now I'm sure you all know I can't resist a bargain so here is what I bought...

Corioliss Galaxy Hair Straighteners- My current straighteners are Corioliss leopard print ones which I have had for about four years now and they are getting a little on the battered side. I first saw these amazing galaxy print straighteners in Sallys and could not justify the price tag. Hello Urban Outfitters website where although your original price was a little higher than most, half price and the extra 20% discount means that you only cost me £48 hooh-baby :) I paid around the £70 mark for my old ones so I'm so pleased with this pair-can't wait for them to arrive so I can look into it's cosmic glory every day :)

Cheap Monday Second Skin Jeans In Grey- I had been looking at these second skin jeans a few weeks ago and decided come payday I was going to invest £50 and get them in black. However this grey pair were only £12 with the discount! I cannot argue with that! I used to have a pair of grey jeans that I wore to death so I think I'll get a lot of wear out of these. They are super skinny and high-waisted, plus they did them in extra long leg length for my giraffe loins.

Blog Inc Book- I saw this book and it looks really interesting, I'm planning on dedicated more time to my lil old blog and posting more often (no, really this time!) so any research is good research :) Have any of you read this book before, I'd love to hear your reviews? It was reduced from £10.99 to £4.

So in total I saved £116.99!! Although I wouldn't have bought them at full price it is still a super-bargain!

Have any of you snagged any bargains today on the Urban Outfitters site? Don't forget the code is only for today so GO,GO,GO!
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx

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  1. I rally fancy that blog inc book. I'm planning on updating my blog to


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