Obsessed: Mariel Dr Martens!

Hello Everyone!
So in my last post I featured these gorgeous Mariel Dr Martens that I needed in my life for work (& play). They are £90 on the Dr Martens website, which is not usually a price I would extend to for work shoes however I found the same pair on Blue Banana for £74.99 and then with a cheeky 10% discount code I wrangled them down to £67.50 which is more my kinda price! I don't mind 'investing' in Dr Martens because they are so well-made and never go out of fashion. I figured it's the same as me buying a few pairs of cheapy ballet shoes so hello justification!
Waaah so beautiful!
So much to my delight they came with both black bows AND pretty polka dot monochrome bows which are super-cute! They are pretty comfy and I wore them for a whole 7-hour shift at work as soon as they arrived. They are a lot heavier than ballet shoes (obviously) so that's taken a little getting used to, I'm gonna have strong ankles! I'm really pleased with them and I love how versatile they are :)

What do you think about Dr Martens? Do you usually hunt out discount codes online?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx


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  2. I love that they came with cute bows- what a great bonus!

  3. These are so cute! Those bows are super. I love buckle-up shoes, I might have to investigate getting a pair of these for autumn.


  4. Just buying these shoes now, like you don't usually spend this much money on school shoes but they are so beautiful! And hopefully will last me until July 2014!! Where did you get the 10% discount? I found them on another website for 70 pounds but every penny counts! ;)

    1. Found the discount just now! Thanks!

  5. Hi! I really like them, but I read a lot of negative comments about sizes. They seem wear too large, is it true? I wonder know that because I found only from the 5UK size up. Thanks in advance and have a nice day!


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