50 Things About Me!

Hello lovely readers! I thought I'd jump on the old bandwagon and do a '50 Things About Me' post. I don't know about you but I'm a bit nosy all about getting to know the 'person behind the blog' so to speak :)

1) I have a degree in Fashion Promotion with Styling
2) I am 5'11
3) I used to have my hips pierced
4) I have no tattoos but I want loads!
5) I work at The Body Shop and have done (on & off) since I was 16
6) I would class myself as an optimist
7) My favourite Disney film is Aladdin
8) I eat an insane amount of chocolate. Particular favourites being Kinder Buenos & Cadburys chocolate pretzels YUM.
9) I love going to the charity shops and will always pop in on my days off.
10) I have just started a Saturday job as a bar-lady

11) My favourite TV shows at the moment are Vampire Diaries, Once Upon A Time, Design Dealers, New Girl & Grimm
12) I have never watched an episode of Glee
13) My taste in music is incredibly varied! I literally like all genres.
14) I am a bit of an eBay fanatic
15) I prefer mens perfumes to womens & I wear Thierry Mugler 'Amen-Pure Havane' which is amazing!
16) I don't have Instagram
17) I don't have Instagram coz I'm stuck in a million year contract with a crappy Blackberry that has the worst camera!
18) I have never seen any of the Star wars films!
19) In fact I've barely seen any of the 'classic' films
20) People always comment on my eyes coz they're pretty big.

21) I wear contacts every day
22) I think doing my nails is an absolute chore!
23) I wear massive heels which make me about 6'4 and walk like a newborn giraffe
24) I would love to go to Hawaii and Iceland in the next few years
25) Saying that I am the worst at saving money
26) I spend a lot of time on Pinterest
27) I would love to be naturally organised but I live in what I call 'organised mess'
28) I got my first ever Filofax for Christmas this year to help with my lack of organisation
29) If I like a song I will play it on repeat. Constantly.
30) I would primarily say I'm a cat person but I absolutely love dogs too.

31) When I grow up I want a husky puppy!
32) I pretend to find love on dating websites
33) I would love to renovate a house & I watch a crazy amount of home TV programmes. I just love the before & afters.
34) I am constantly inspired yet the motivation is usually lacking
35) I am from The Lake District
36) My preferred method of exercising is hula hooping :)
37) I ALWAYS carry my camera with me everywhere
38) I cannot drive and I've never had a lesson
39) I have had my hair dyed more times than I can remember and it's been all the colours of the rainbow
40) I always buy weird drinks

41) I am currently reading 'The Perks Of Being A Wallflower' I've not seen the film though.
42) I plan to have my own business before I'm 30
43) I rarely wear jewellery, apart from my piercings and some simple, silver stud earrings
44) My mum is the same yet she is a jewellery designer!
45) I am an awful procrastinator
46) I hate olives
47) I like being a social lady but I like my own company too.
48) Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day
49) I really love blogging and I do feel guilty when I abandon my little space on the internet now and again but I'm hoping to get into a better routine so I can blog more regularly!
50) I overuse the words: Whimsy, Loins & Shenanigans :) They're just good words to say ok?!

Thanks for reading if you made it to the bottom of the list!
Rachelle xxx


  1. I love these posts :] Nice to know some more things about you xx

  2. These posts are wonderful, I love finding out quirky things about bloggers! Breakfast is my favourite meal as well, far and away. I live for it.


  3. Loved this!
    & Yes, get a husky puppy! I have a husky, he's not so much a puppy anymore, but they are so damn cute!

    lisatakespictures xo

  4. Love these posts. I wear contacts and have never watched Glee too :)

  5. I haven't seen the film but the book 'Perks of Being a Wallflower' is absolutely amazing, my all time favourite!


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