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Anyone who follows me on Pinterest may have noticed at about 11pm last night I had a total pinning frenzy! My latest life mission is to get some sort of amazing, dream wardrobe sorted. At this moment in time all of my clothes are in crappy, canvas drawers stacked up in the hallway and on my floor. This makes finding clothes extremely difficult! I don't have a wardrobe or a big enough space for a wardrobe in my tiny room so I've been exploring other possible ideas. In keeping with my general thrifty manner I've included solutions that could be re-created cheaply on a budget yet still look stylish...

Ceiling Rails
Ceiling rails make sense for small rooms as they maximise empty space. I love the simplicity of the black rail yet I love the industrial appeal of the hooks & chains. This option would be great as it still frees up floor space for drawers or storage boxes.

Creative Coat Hangers
 The coat hangers on the left look amazing bare but I can imagine them looking great with a few carefully selected pieces that go well together such as clothing with similar colour palettes or patterns. I could probably manage a leopard print installation or even velvet one with the amount I own! The wooden bead rail is another cute idea. I once tried using thick rope but the clothes slid around everywhere so the beads would keep them separate and organised. You could make your own using big vintage beads!

Industrial Rails
 Now we all know I like a bit of industrial-chicness in my life! If I had the skills to weld (?) and build stuff I would totally make one of these to fit my room perfectly. However I lack in the D.I.Y department so will have to wait until a kind soul offers to make one for me :)

Re-purposed Ladders
 I reckon I could manage this D.I.Y especially if it involves pink spray paint :) A ladder shelf/rail would be super cute, a great way to re-purpose an old ladder and it creates quite a lot of storage space. Hanging clothes below with pretty storage boxes on top OR attached vertically to the wall they are a great alternative.

Feature Wall
I love this idea and I think it looks amazing in a white room as it really makes the clothing a focal point. I think the combination of shelves, rails & baskets work really well as an alternative to a traditional wardrobe and it creates a lot more storage space too. Perfect to display favourite items of clothing :)

(All images sources can be found here)

Which twist on the traditional wardrobe do you like best? Do you have any unusual ways of storing clothes?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx


  1. Oh my GOSH I love this post. Literally LOVE all the pictures you've found and I laughed aloud at your comment about welding - I am always doing the same thing, i.e. I'll make one of these when I learn to carve wood etc. Hahaha :)

  2. Oh man I love the idea of a ceiling rail - I'd love all my pretty loth on display!

  3. Gosh, I love all these ideas, having a beautifully set out wardrobe would be such a dream. I keep most of the clothes in my wardrobe in a kind of colour co-ordinated order, but I must admit there are times when I just cannot be bothered and it all goes to hell again. I like to tell myself that if I had a gorgeous wardrobe I wouldn't leave all my clothes lying on the floor, but the truth is I probably still would.


  4. I love all of these, I especially love the 'industrial' inspired ones - the hooks and chains and the one with the pallette style bottom. So nice! Don't think my other half would let me get away with hanging clothes from the ceiling though, I think he draws the line at my having two huge wardrobes! :) xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  5. The ceiling rails are absolutely amazing! I need to get into pinterest

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


  6. I love this post, especially the ladder. I'm slightly obsessed with storage too! An idea for storage problems I saw in the ikea catalogue was they moved the bed out from the wall a bit, put a curtain behind the headboard, then put rails/storage solutions behind that, they made it look really lux too. Not sure if you have space, but just an idea!

    Great blog!

  7. Great ideas. I've got a small wooden ladder lying around in my studio if you would like it to try, Rachelle. It's in good condition and I think it's originally from a bunk bed. Let me know and I'll drop it round at your mum's. Amanda.

  8. Love them all but my practical side has taken over, what about all the dust that would collect on the clothes that arn't worn much!?


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