I've love the pastel hair trend but I especially love the multi-tonal styles that I've been seeing a lot more of recently! I like the grey/white undertone to these colours and the plaited styles are too cute...
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I decided that I really needed some pastel hair in my life but the persistent redhead in me made it very difficult to bleach light enough to achieve the desired colour and it went a lovely shade of orange! After a little longer with the bleach on my head my hair turned a peachy colour which was nice but still not a light enough base for the lilac/blue/grey look. My hairdresser Michelle, suggested going a peachy pink colour and then when that faded we could bleach it again for a lighter colour. I have a sensitive head so the less bleaching the better! I also had a 'weave' of 'my little pony' pink, blue and lilac sewn into my head! I'd never worn extensions or anything like that before so at first they were a little annoying but I've got used to them now and my hair is so much thicker!
This photo was taken on NYE and my hair has faded quite a lot since then, more photos to follow!
This tumblr is making me want ALL the pastel hair in the world!

What do you think of the pastel hair trend? Would you dye your hair 'my little pony' style?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx


  1. You look ace!! I had bright pink hair which faded to a lovely pale pink. I'm quite tempted to go for a lilac colour soon :) x

  2. I love pastel hair so much! I dyed the ends of mine pink and purple over the summer but I'm dying to finish school so I can dye my whole head hehe. Yours is gorgeous, I haven't seen that colour much its lovely:) x

  3. I have loved this trend since 2011 :) Unfortunately, due to my full time job as an accountant, they tend to frown upon "crazy" hair trends. I found this which is like eyeshadow for hair. It even goes on brunette and black hair as well! Great for parties or music festivals :) http://www.kevinmurphy.com.au/products/newstuff_productdetail.php?id=143

    Love your hair btw. Lucky lady :)

    - Kate xx

  4. Oh, I want it!
    I love your hair too :D

    Rosie x

  5. Oh I wish I was brave enough to do this...!

    Jen xx

  6. Your hair is absolutely incredible, you look amazing



  7. Oh how I wish I could pull off pastal hair colours in the lilac like the photos you have! I'd be too scared! lol
    Love the colours you have though, really suit you! Will deffo have to check back and see your new colour. :)


  8. your hair is SO cool!
    I've been wanting grey hair for a while now.


  9. Your hair is beautiful! I tried the purple hair trend last year. I liked it, but it was ridiculously hard to maintain.

    Really like your blog! Joined on GFC :)

    xx Katherine


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