Things That Make Me Happy!

Hello Everyone. 
Here are a few snaps of what has made me happy lately :)

1) Waking up to this furry critter on my head every morning!
 2) Finding old photos of me & my brother. I've never seen them before! I found the photos at my great-aunties house!
 3) Going down to the river & finding voodoo crack pipes buried treasure!
 4) Thunder & lightening ice cream. Incredible that in mid-October it's still ice cream weather :) 
5) Collecting conkers with my little sister
6) My new Rob Ryan mugs which make me smile everytime I make a cuppa
7) Velvet shoes in autumnal crunchy leaves ♥
                                                                      I love Autumn!
What has been making you smile this week?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx


  1. Ahh this is such a sweet post; its nice to see little pictures like these! I love your shoes at the end; would you mind telling me where they are from please...?xxxxx

    1. Thank you :) They are Adidas believe it or not! Part of their sleek series, I bought them off Amazon but they don't seem to be there anymore :( x

  2. Cute pics, that ice cream looks amaze and I want your velvet shoes!! X

  3. Those shoes are really pretty:) and i love your cat:D so cute:)

    Lorna xxx

  4. Oooo I love the velvet shoes. Super cute. If wasn't sure they would get destroyed in the rain I would wear velvet shoes everywhere. Also you pretty much have the cutest cat ever.

  5. Your cat is sooo cute! ♥ I've been kicking the leaves around on my way to work, I love how pretty autumn is :) One thing that's been making me smile is the thought of getting home to my warm onesie and snuggling up to my dog! That time of year when I wan't to hibernate...

    Lana, xo

  6. These are gorgeous photos, Rachelle. Posts like this will be lovely to look back on. The first photo of the cat makes me SO happy too! x

  7. Oh man, your cat is adorable! xo

  8. So cute! I love finding conkers :) and your cat is gorgeousssssss

    I blogged my winter favourites the other day ...

    Laurie at xx

  9. I would be happy waking up with that cutie too! Your stroll looks amazing + I can't beleive you ate ice-cream either - i'm SO cold right now ha-ha :)


  10. love this! ya kitty cat is sooo cute xx

  11. The Roby Ryan mugs are lovely. I drink a lot of tea, so I'd have a lot of smiles if I owned these xx Lizz


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