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Today I'm loving the idea of a pink fringed bob! It's a bit of a contrast to my last 'hair lust' post where I was longing for long, red mermaid hair.  However I recently got my hair trimmed as I'm trying to grow it but shock horror, she thinned my hair without asking me! Who the heck wants thin hair?! I didn't think it was particularly thick to begin with but now its so wispy at the ends, so now I'm in two minds weather to cut it shorter again or maybe invest in some extensions to make my hair fuller. I've never owned extensions before (apart from two pieces of clip in leopard print ones in the good old days) and to be honest I'm a bit scared of them! I'm sure I'll have changed my mind a bazillion times before my next hair lust post!

Which style do you like best? Do you have any advice about hair extensions? I'm clueless!
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx

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  1. Wow! Love the middle pic - such a fab look, love the colour! Don't think I would have the confidence to pull off short hair though, love my long locks :)
    Lianne x


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