Ugly/Beautiful Jeffrey Campbells!

So we all know that bloggers just love Jeffrey Campbells and whilst I do think that they are pretty cool they've never been high on my wishlist as:
 1) I don't have the money to spend £100+ on shoes
2) Its really unnecessary for me to wear 5 inch heels when I'm so tall already
3) I feel like everyone has the Litas or cheap copies so I usually go for something more individual!

All this went out the window when I spotted these beauts in TKMaxx in London! I was completely in two minds whether to get them or not as they are amazing but very much on the border of ugly haha! But I think the shape of the shoe combined with the maroon colour and tapestry stops them being too 'old lady'! I had mixed responses when I wore them out to the opening of my final degree exhibition. Some complete strangers asked where they were from, jaws dropped, the words 'granny transvestite shoes' may have been spoken but all in all it was a positive reaction even if I was the tallest person in the entire university building :)

One thing that really surprised me was the comfort of the shoes! I have heard that some Jeffrey Campbell shoes are really uncomfortable but i had these on for a whole TEN HOURS and I only winged a little bit when faced with a cobbled road!

Also the price-I love TKMaxx and always seem to find good bargains whenever I venture in, these shoes were no exception only a mere £39.99! Whilst I wouldn't usually spend that much on shoes I couldn't resist and thought that they could be a graduation present to me from me ;)

Here they are on my feet, at our 'All Killer No Filler' fashion styling exhibition which was awesome by the way :) I also updated the blog for our exhibition so if you want to see what a final year fashion promotion with styling class gets up to then check out

Do you own any crazy beautiful/ugly shoes? I think I need more in my collection :)
Thanks for reading!
Rachelle xxx


  1. Wow! What gorgeous shoes, I don't think I could have left them behind either, at least you had the perfect excuse for buying them! x

  2. What an amazing find! TK Maxx always seems to come up trumps!

  3. I love the material! I almost never wear high heels- I think you're taller than me but I'm pretty tall and my friends are all pretty small! I'm a wimp anyway and can't walk in them for very long

  4. wow they are beautiful! TKMaxx are so good for bargains, I've seen they do some Docs that I wanna get my hands on :) x


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