Scarf-Peacocks(about 5 years ago )
Angora cardigan-Charity shop
Black top (worn underneath) -Primark
Tights-can't remember!
Dr Martens-Ebay

BRRR how cold is it today?! The answer is too cold for my liking! I wore my parka on top of this outfit when I popped to the supermarket and the charity shop. My cardigan is super-warm as it's made from angora and lambswool, I picked it up a couple of weeks ago from the charity shop for a bargainous £2 :) My Dr Martens are also sheepskin-lined so they keep my toes nice and toasty even if they do rub after a while :(
This wall is outside my house and I think it looks pretty cool as a backdrop! The sun was setting so we didn't have long to take the pictures. My lovely housemate Jess took the pics for me today and most of them are of me laughing my head off or being silly! So these were the pick of the bunch haha, not the best but I'm kinda getting the hang of it. Its deffo easier having someone else take the pics instead of relying on a tripod!

The moon looked lovely peeking through the bare trees!

'Hey, HEEYYY can you see my breath? Does it look all cool and smoky?'
 'No, you look stupid'

What are you wearing to keep you warm? I hope it snows :)
Hello to all my new followers *waves*
Thank you for reading :)
Rachelle xxx


  1. Heehee!! Looking good. Love the vest. Last photos and comment made me chuckle!!

  2. The top is so cute! It is way too cold isn't it?
    :( I think it is time for the summer!

  3. Love the top, I nearly purchaed it myself not long ago.
    Love the last photo, I attempted that today with my self timer shots, then felt silly afterwards haha

  4. Your boots are amazing! I love the moon picture too :) xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  5. Brrrr, isn't it horrible? And I was just hoping for spring too! Definitely breaking out the cosy boots and socks!

  6. love your striking red hair!! you have great style too

  7. Lovely hair, and I like to feel cool by blowing 'smoke' in cold weather haha!
    You said to leave a blog link so here is mine! : :)

  8. Hey Rach,
    Your hair looks amazing red on these pics, its fab!!! loving the leather piece!

    Ness :) xxxxx

  9. I love the skirt so much and the photo of the moon is ace !


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