My Week In Pictures

Hello Everyone!
Sorry it's been a while, as I mentioned in my last post I've had an unbelievable amount of uni work to be getting on with! I finally handed in 5 months worth of work this morning which was nerve-wracking but a huge weight lifted off my shoulders! 

Anyway I'll hopefully be posting more regularly again as I'm really really going to work hard with my 'time management' this semester.

So last weekend I had a break from all the stress & work and I went back home to the Lake District for my brothers & sisters birthday party! It was my brothers 19th & my little sisters 6th birthday! The family came over to celebrate and we ate lots of cake! I has lots of snuggles with Mimi the cat which always makes me happy. She's so affectionate, I've grown up with cats but she always wants to be as close to you as possible which is sweet until she almost suffocates you by sleeping directly on top of your face in the morning!
Chocolate Fudge Cake!
My auntie's amazing microwave flapjack!
Bless my grandma, proudly showing off her favourite jumper that she knitted herself!-Snooker love!
Close up of the delicious birthday cake!
Beautiful floofy Mimi
A sunset taken from my back garden, how amazing does the sky look?!
Dying spaghetti for my housemates art project!
Got a few business card sample made up from The imagery is one of there templates!
The ridiculous amount of ink I've used over the last few weeks
My beautiful sequin dress I bought from the Oasis sale £130 reduced to £25! Now that's a bargain.
 I hope you've enjoyed my mix-matched assortment of photos, I really need to get around to actually using & updating my Flickr account!

Have you had an exciting week? Do many of you use Flickr?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx


  1. Love your cards i've been meaning to get some done for ages! that dress is an amazing bargain xxx

  2. Love all these photos! That dress is stunning, what a snip x

  3. Lovely photos! It's like my fave things all in one post; snooker, cats, cake and sequins!

  4. Gorgeous pictures, your Nan's jumper is amazing & all the food is making me hungry!


  5. I absolutely love! I need to get some business cards flowing! That dress is one hell of a bargain! Have a great weekend!
    Nadine @ freebird.

  6. fun blog! That spaghetti trick is fun. And I'm jealous of that dress!!

    check out my new blog

  7. Mimi is an absolute beaut! My friend has a cat like that and he's just so adorable - not to mention photogenic! Love the dress too - good find!

    Penny x

  8. Great photos and I love that dress I'm following I hope you will follow back

  9. That dress is so amazing! I am jealous. seriously though, that was a great deal! And the cake is just making me really hungry! Love your blog! :)

    Xo Livy

  10. Oh wow! <3 The sweater is so so so amazing! Your gran is a talented knitter!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  11. I love this post. Your grandma is so talented for knitting that! The flapjack looks so good too. Totally love your blog and wish I found it sooner! xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  12. that snooker/scrabble type jumper is quality, what a gran!


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