My Week In Pictures

Lovely autumnal walk back home in the Lake District

Galaxy nails with my favourite O.P.I polish 'I Lily Love You'/ New flea market jumper about 10 sizes too big for me!

           Dirty rum-fuelled night out with my body shop crew/ Sheldon the house bunny!

                        Slightly deformed Aldi pumpkins/ The most amazing spiced pumpkin shower gel from work

Hope you are all having a lovely Halloween weekend!
Rachelle xxx


  1. Ooooh, you work at The Body Shop? I didn't know that! LOVE their products, I'm all over their Tea Tree range and use the Lychee Blossom Body Spray as a daily scent, haha.
    Sheldon's adorable!

    x Michelle |

  2. Ah Rach i just read your last post. I'm so sorry... My friend went through something that sounds similar and it was so horrible watching her shrivel into a shadow of her former self just because of some manipulative little turd. It looks like you have some lovely friends to take care of your though :o)

    Penny x

  3. Spiced pumpkin shower gel is something I'm going to have to try!!
    I love the Ginger Pumpkin scent of Partylite candles so hope it's something similar!


  4. Spiced Pumkin shower gel? Ooooh I am so tempted to run out and buy some!


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