Sunny Cyprus

Hello followers old and new!!
So as some of you may know I've been away in Cyprus for the last two weeks! It was a very last minute decision as Alice, one of my friends from college, offered me her '+1' on her family holiday. Best of all it was all paid for!(lucky lucky) I've never been on a typical beach,pool,villa hot type of holiday before so I jumped at the chance! We stayed in a gorgeous villa on the North coast in a village called Latchi. The scenery is beautiful. In the North it is still very undeveloped and there aren't many 'touristy' places to visit so most days  were spent reading by the pool or sunbathing on the beach. We visited a zoo, went to a waterpark and went on a very seasick-inducing boat ride! It was nice to get away but I'm glad to be back now. I'm always a busy bee so two weeks off was a welcome break but I like having a full schedule to keep me occupied! Initially i was going to take pictures of all of my holiday outfits but in reality I pretty much lived in my bikinis for the whole holiday!

It was strange to be away from Mikey for so long, he was away working on some new music stuff and then he worked Kendal Calling festival too so we barely spoke to each other! Also it was out five year anniversary on the 30th so we haven't celebrated that properly yet! Hopefully we'll be going out for a meal this week :)

Have any of you been to Cyprus before? Hope you've been enjoying the english sunshine this weekend!
Thanks for reading,
Rachelle xxx

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  1. It looks brilliant, such gorgeous blue skies and I love that camel's expression. I've never been to Cyprus but it does sound lovely (especially the undeveloped bit). x

  2. Ohhhh it looks so gorgeous! I'm glad you had a good time XX

  3. 5 years, congratulations. Looks like you had a beautiful time on holiday too- though I'd be freaked out at going away with someone else's family

  4. I'm so jealous seeinh holiday posts in gorgeous, HOT weather! I went to France for 3 weeks with my bestie, but it rained every single day for 15 days. No lie! :(

  5. oh wow, i love these holiday snaps. it's providing me a few moments of escapism! Thank you for posting! x

  6. ooh it looks beautiful!
    we had some of that scorpion vodka when we were in portugal! :P


  7. Fab pictures, Cyprus is beautiful isn't it <3.

    Sadie x

  8. it looks absolutely lovely! love your blog- i followed... please check me out at

  9. These photos are so lovely! I have never been to Cyprus I love to looks really amazing relaxing place. xx

  10. oh i envy you!
    those pretty pictures make me wanna go far far away from home!

    xx //

  11. it looks beautiful and that parakeet is so cute!!!! haha

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