Weekend Wishlist:

Hello everyone :)
I'm sorry that I have been absent from the blogging world for a couple of weeks, Uni work had caught up with me and I needed to buckle down and get it all finished. It's all handed in now so I'm free to get on with my life for the next few months :) I've got a lot on my plate this summer but I'm so excited to have free time and get on with what I want to do. It sounds awful but sometimes uni is the bane of my life and as much as it is preparing me for the future (?) I often feel that it is holding me back, does anyone else feel like that sometimes?

One- Calvin Klein purple jeans £124.99 £34.99
Two- Firetrap Jealousy sandals £44.99 £19.99
Three- Icon Wayfarer sunglasses blue £14.99 £6.99
Four- Religion studded cross body bag £69.99 £39.99
Five-Levis lace trim tank top £24.99 £14.99
Six- Diesel Yore shoes Paradise Pink £69.99 £39.99 is not a shop that springs to mind when thinking about clothes shopping. When I was younger my mum always used to get trainers and things for my P.E kit from there! Many things have changed since then and it now has a huge array of stock from sportswear to high-street designers and well known brands, even stocking a few cosmetics and bits of gym equipment! The savings on the site are amazing and their are often gems to be found! Granted you may have to trawl through pages of Playboy and Henleys to find the best deals but surely its worth it to get your hands on some heavily discounted goodies :) These are some of my favourite picks from the site at the moment. I love mixing grungy greys and distressed blacks with pops of bright colour.

 Have you ever bought anything from MandMDirect? Do you ever shop in places that aren't necessarily your cup of tea?
Don't forget I'll be announcing my give-away soon!
Thanks for reading,
Rachelle xxx


  1. Love those glasses! I always used to get clothes from the Freemans catalogue and still see some things in there that I'd like :)

  2. I haven't bought anything from MandM for a while because of the trawling through pages of Playboy and Henleys that you mentioned :) Looks like they do have some nice goodies though so will be checking out the site again!

    Love the sunglasses and bag you picked! x


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