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Think 'shabby chic' but shabbier! It's no secret that I love a bit of second-hand hunting. I'd much rather have a piece of furniture with character rather than a pristine Ikea replica or something that has been mass-produced like Billy-O! I like things to look worn, a bit rough around the edges or like it has been 'pre-loved'. 
The best thing about this style of décor is that it is so easy and cheap to replicate. Shops like Anthropologie and Pedlars charge an arm and a leg for stock that looks vintage when in reality these cheap and cheerful treasures can be found at flea markets, car boots and even skips or junk yards!
 How adorable are the old weathervanes? Such a cute and original idea. I love the rusty keys too :)
At the moment we can't do too much to our little flat as we're only here for another year. It was already furnished when we moved in with hideous furniture that alas cannot be removed! I can't wait until we have somewhere more permanent (hopefully with wooden floorboards, an Aga and and beautiful feature window like the one above) so that I can create an idyllic second-hand home...

Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx

P.S I will be back with more outfit posts once the weather cheers up! It has been raining non-stop in Preston for the last few days boo! :(


  1. I so wish I had my own place to decorate! Can't wait to move out, only another year or so to go... You've got some great points and ideas here. I do wander round Pedlar's sighing a lot, it's definitely possible to do that style of decoration on a budget

  2. This is so lovely.
    I completely agree on the whole things looking like they have character approach. My room is full of IKEA furniture at the moment but as soon as I get my own place it will probably look very similar to those pictures.
    I'm a sucker for the gorgeous cabinets full of tiny little draws.
    Make-Up for Biochemists

  3. Ohhh I just love the cabinet and the keys. Very pretty - I like to think i'll have a house like this when I grow up :]
    Ps Are you going to the NW bloggers meet?

  4. I'll follow you on twitter and see if it lets you tweet me then, if its still not working email me
    the bloggers meet is in manc in a few weeks

  5. I love shabby chic and this does take it to extremes! Looks ace though



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