Kreativ Blogger Award :)

Yesterday I was pleased to find that the lovely Danielle Rose from had tagged me for the Kreativ Blogger Award! I've never been tagged in one before so I thought it was a nice opportunity to let the readers of 'Inspired By The Retired' find out a little more about me! I've only been blogging since January but the comments and support you get from the blogging community is amazing!

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1) I set up 'Inspired by The Retired' to showcase my love for all things vintage and second-hand.  Last year I had never actually been in the charity shops on my road or shopped at the flea market before! It seems mad to me because these are the places I go to first now! 

2) I am engaged (!) to my lovely boy Mikey we have been together for almost FIVE years now! It wasn't a hugely romantic proposal, in fact it wasn't really a proposal at all! none of this 'get down on one knee' business more of a mutual decision whilst watching telly sitting on the sofa haha! 

3) I am a tall lady with 5"11 of height!

4) I have big love for the Vampire Diaries and True Blood- The books and the TV shows! Not really a massive fan of the Twilight films but I enjoyed the books. Team Damon and Team Eric :)

5) I have lived in the Lake District all my life (until I moved to Preston to study for my degree) but I have never been to the most beautiful attractions in the world! I have never walked in the mountains, or visited all the lakes or attractions. So this summer I'm going to make like a tourist and explore my home ground!!

6) I really want a tattoo, Mikey is covered but I'm still a little scared. I'm scared of injections but not of needles if that makes sense, I hate it in films when they jab people with needles that makes me feel sick! I'm perfectly fine with getting piercings so I think I'm going to man-up and get a small tatt done in a couple of months...

7) I am studying Fashion promotion with styling and I'm coming to the end of my second year! I'm not sure what I want to do after I graduate but I know that eventually I want to have my own business.

8) I work part-time at The Body Shop, we have such a great team and we all have the same twisted sense of humour! I have worked for the company for almost 4 years.

9) My life will be complete when I have a Husky puppy and a walk-in wardrobe :)

10) I am trying to improve on my cooking and baking skills. I want to be able to make delicious cakes!

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Rachelle xxx


  1. well done on the blog award :)


  2. haha i know what you mean with living in the same place but never visiting the 'main' attractions or whatever - i lived in southampton for three years and never walked the walls or anything! eep you're engaged?! do you have any plans for a wedding yet? how exciting :) thanks for tagging me love xx

  3. I wish I was 5"11! I love being a tourist in your home town , I do it in the summer and it can be really fun!
    Good luck with the tattoo I have quite a few, I think piercings tack much longer to heal - or they do with me at least. xxx

  4. well done you, ill be sure to check out some of the blogs that you have recommended

  5. Thanks so much for the tag, I've only just seen it! Congrats on your engagement and your degree sounds like the coolest ever xx


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