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I am a huuge hair dye-enthusiast and I've been nearly every colour under the sun for the past 5 years! I do get bored very quickly with hairstyles hence why mine changes as often as I can afford! I absolutely love all of the above hairstyles and wouldn't mind having any of them on my head! I am trying to grow it and get some length but I'm having fun experimenting with all the styles along the way. My blue in my fringe is looking a wee bit tired and is fading towards the ends so I think a new style and colour is needed when my student loany-woany comes in :)
 This is what my hair looks like at the moment. My fringe needs cutting and the ends need tidying up too coz it looks a bit of a weird shape! I think I'm going to have to embrace the ORANGE and PURPLE like the top left piccy! 

Which hairstyle do you like best? Would you dye your hair a bright colour?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx


  1. Ohh i loove the orange and purple too.
    Ive had most colours in my hair. pink green lilac blue red you name it! Im toying with the idea of a fringe at the moment:/ Not sure if it would suit me!

  2. the purple would look amazing! the whole hair style would suit you really well i think actually. i'm considering going red soon, i'm scared! i'm not very adventurous with my hair anymore x

  3. You seriously have electric hair. It's so beautiful. I love the color as it is (: x

    amy !


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