Passion for Purple...

I got my nails redone last week for the second time ever! So now they are my natural nails covered with a thin layer of acrylic to make them super-strong and all the same length. I adore the glittery purple polish that the nail technician used. It is actually a mixture of two O.P.I colours but I totally forgot to ask what they were called- whoops! I'm really loving purple again at the moment, I seem to go through colour phases, one minute I love the shade and the next minute it doesn't bother me.

As I am a newly fledged Groupon lover, I get super excited about all the offers going on and I seriously consider buying silly things just because of a great bargain! So for anyone who didn't know today the deal is an asos voucher for £9 that is worth £20 on the site!

What I would spend my voucher on...If I had actually bought one, *payday woes* :(

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One- Asos over-knee lilac rib socks £4
Two- Asos suede brogues £35
Three- O.P.I nail lacquer 'purple with a purpose' £10.50
Four -Asos 70s kaftan playsuit £35
Five- Urban decay heavy metal eyeliner £13

What are your best Groupon bargains?I'd love to hear them!
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx


  1. heheee i bought one, so i may have to indulge in them cute little brogues!! love this post, i never think to wear purple 'cause i always think it'll clash with my hair! thanks for the lovely comment :) xxx

  2. your nails are EXTREME!! love the purple, i have the urban decay liner and its great. the socks and brogues are awesome too

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  3. Ahhh I love purple! That Asos playsuit is lovely, my perfect shade! xoxo

  4. great nails! very jealous


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