Corduroy and Checks!

Coat- flea market
Shirt- flea market
Belt- charity shop
Skirt(worn underneath)- New Look
Boots- New Look

So yesterday I went out into town to try and source some accessories and props for my still life project and in typical Rachelle fashion I ended up not buying a single thing for my shoot and instead I went a bit crazy at the flea market. There is a stall there that does vintage clothing and for that day only they were having a half-price sale! I ended up buying two massive bags full of clothes including this lovely Wrangler corduroy coat in a mulberry colour which is one of my favourite colours at the moment. I also scored this lumberjack shirt, it is a mens XL/tall but I really like it worn as a dress cinched in with a belt to avoid the whole 'tent' look! It's made from proper flannel material too so it's really cosy :)

I got chatting to the couple who were running the stall and they said that their stock is from the same seller that supplies vintage to Urban Outfitters! Also if you are from the Preston area you might remember the vintage shop 'Retro Rags' which the couple used to run for 10 years. Since starting uni here almost 2 years ago I've seen vintage shops come and go. When I was in first year there were four amazing vintage shops and now there are none :(

Haha I've just noticed that I'm doing the same pose in both pictures, maybe next time I will think of something different! I used my new tripod in my backyard, I felt a bit silly smiling and posing to no-one but I will get used to it and hopefully won't feel as daft!
Thanks for reading
Rachelle xxx


  1. aw it looks so cute as a dress, good thinking with the belt! love your boots too :) hope your still life project goes well xo

  2. Loving the jacket, love a bit or corduroy x

  3. Thanks for you comment! I completely agree & you have to go :) You've made me want to go to more charity shops so I can get some new stuff now haha xx

  4. Your blog is super cute! And so are you, I love your hair and style :)


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