So today I thought I'd do a little post about work footwear...
For years I've just gone with the cheapest ballet pumps from Primark or H&M and replaced them whenever they wore out. These gloriously 'disposable' shoes offered no support whatsoever and as I work almost every day, spending the majority of my shift standing up and rushing around I thought I'd give a little more consideration to the mundane work shoe.

I never really thought about the impact these cheapy shoes were having on my poor feet. I'm just concerned that my feet won't last much longer if I continue to neglect them. Last year I kept getting these horrendous bruises all over my feet for no apparent reason and when I went to the doctors (I convinced myself I had a weird version of frostbite and my toes were going to drop off!) she said that it was caused by wearing unsupportive shoes and my feet were showing signs of 'trauma' :( So in the bin went my Primark flats and I bought myself some Carvela flats to make it up to my feet. The Carvela flats were pretty but sliced up my feet for weeks so they hated me even more. Now after almost a year they are comfy enough to wear everyday but they look really scruffy! Can I ever win?! 

I thought I would treat my neglected feet to some new, proper, supportive, 'sensible' shoes. For the people who know me, I don't really do sensible footwear. It's bad but I wouldn't compromise my style to be comfy. Crocs will never ever appeal to me. So I have trawled the internet looking for some stylish shoes that will look cute at work, support my feet and will maybe last for more than a few months! 
Here's what I found:

Pretty Ballerinas
So I guess these are the holy grail of ballet shoes, as worn by all the celebs and with a price tag of £140 they would not usually be on my wishlist. However I spotted this lovely quilted pair on Amazon for £57. Which is still an investment but much better for my budget! These are classic pumps and will never go out of fashion. So if they lasted long enough they would definitely be a strong contender! Does anyone own any Pretty Ballerinas? I'm not sure how supportive ballet shoes can be?

Read or Dead Jade
These shoes are so cute. The really remind me of a pair I used to wear in primary school! I think that they'll look so sweet with tights or bare-legged in summer.They have 5-star reviews on the Schuh website with everyone commenting on how well made and comfy they are! They are £55 and exclusive to Schuh :)

Mel Blueberry
Again another pair of ballet shoes, these look really pretty and they are made of recyclable, Melflex plastic which is supposed to be so comfortable! Again the reviews say that they are great 'if you are on your feet all day'. They are £27.99 on Amazon or there are a few sellers on eBay selling brand new ones for cheaper but none in my size waah.

Jeffrey Campbell Hawk
Hmm I'm not sure if these count as 'sensible' considering the general spikiness of them! However I am a huge JC fan and these popped up on the TKMaxx website for £49.99 down from £122. I've noticed that TKMaxx have quite a few Jeffrey Campbell things on the site at the minute. I'm pretty sure I could get away with wearing these for work... They have a thick sole and the loafer style is more supportive for the feet.

Dr Martens Mariel 
This pair has a bigger picture because I REALLY WANT THEM!  I'm a huge fan of Dr Martens and they have a 30 year guarantee, I'd quite like to think my 50-year-old self will still be wearing these bad boys! I love the design, the bows are super cute and make the chunky shoe look a lot more feminine. They are £90 on the Dr Martens website but I've found them for £74.99 on Blue Banana muhaha. Always the bargain hunter! I'm not 100% sure but it shows the shoes with white polka dot bows too (which I just squealed at!) so I hope they come with both! I think on payday these will be purchased and me and my feet will live happily ever after with no more dramas :)

Do you invest in proper work shoes?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx


  1. Rach get the Dr Martens! They are superly duperly cute, espesh if they come with alternate bows-although I'm sure you could somehow DIY add on your own if they don't-and apart from the Red or Dead ones (which look a bit too primary school for me) they look the most supportive for your tootsies! And you know they'll be good quality! Maybe get some shoe care too, to keep them in tip top condition for work? xxx

  2. I would pick the last pair too, I love Dr Martens!! :) xo

  3. I love your blog, I would love it if you could visit my blog x

  4. I used to work at Blue Banana haha!
    I am not a DM fan but those shoes are SO adorable!!! xx

  5. I love the studded loafers! Just awesome:)


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