My Hair History!

As I promised a while ago here is a post containing photos of my past hairstyles and colours! I'm sorry its not all in perfect alignment but blogger hates me right now and you get the jist...
Prepare yourself for lots of photos of my face haha!

I was five on this photo and already rockin' the peter pan collar and Dr Martens ;)

Having a go with a bit of blonde!

I discovered brightly coloured hair dye! I like the faded pastel colours too.

The day I decided to go for the cool shaved-side look haha. Look how much hair is in my hand!!

 With a baldy side it meant I could experiment with different patterns. I LOVED my leopard hair!

 I wanted to go completely platinum blonde but after several bleaching mishaps it was super-short and bright pink fringe to disguise the gingery bits...

 My most recent hair colours, keeping natural all over colour with bright streaks.

This is a photo of my hair on Halloween, its a deep purple colour all over now, the white streaks are just hair spray for the Frankenstein bride look :)
So there you have it! A brief hair history. I have had bazillions of different styles but these ones were my favourite :)

Which style do you like best? Are you experimental with your hair?
Thanks for reading,
 Rachelle xxx


  1. oh this post has really given me the urge to reach for some bleach and hair dye again! You have had some wonderful combinations of colours :)

    I used to have blonde sections, before a blonde fringe, then i went all over red. I miss it so much!

  2. Wow your hair has been at every part of the spectrum.
    Love this post !

  3. WOW! Love the hair pics, thanks for sharing. Xx

  4. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous i'm so jealous. :] My undercut is getting long now and i really really want a pattern shaved into it. XXX

  5. oh my god ,youve had some awesome hair styles :D so glad i came across you blog,love a blogger that stands out :) xxx

  6. i love this post! Such a good idea, great pics :) x

  7. Wow! You have been so imaginative with your hair, I love it!

  8. You are so gorgeous I think you can get away with every style you try. What an amazing hair history.
    I'm so boring, other than my hideous poodle perms back in the Eighties the most dramatic thing I've ever done is dye my natural blonde locks black after a drunken Full Moon Party in Goa and I've never looked back. x

  9. I am absolutely madly head over heels in love with the brown bob with orange and pink in it! I'm just going to spend my day stalking your blog by the way, total new favourite! xo


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