To cut a long story short I lost my miiind...

I popped to the charity shops this morning on a mission to find some jeans that I could customise and turn into high-waisted shorts. The shops did not disappoint and I returned with these rather oddly-shaped man shorts. They are a 28" waist which is pretty small for a fella and they have tight legs and perky bum pockets (i.e pockets that are upturned to give the illusion of a roundy bottom haha). However they were only £1 so I thought I'd give them a whirl. Luckily they fit perfectly! They were the most unflattering shape before I cut them off plus I look bizarrely knock-kneed in these photos which isn't helping! (I'm blaming the uneven floor!)

p.s the title is lyrics by Spandau Ballet and involved the words cut/long/short therefore I thought it appropriate haha

 I'm really pleased with how they have turned out! They are fine for now but I feel a little DIY project coming along to make them a bit more exciting. I  discovered this AMAZING range from 'Bitching & Junkfood' on Urban Outfitter's website. I enjoy the spiky studs ones but no way can my little purse-strings stretch to £75. I think its gonna be a bag of studs off ebay and then several hours of anger patience to achieve something similar!


I have reached 60 followers wooo! Thanks to all of my regular readers and all my new followers too. I'm gonna organise some lovely bits and pieces for my giveaway so keep your eyes peeeled  :)
As always, Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx


  1. :] You did so well the shorts look great.
    I have done it myself to a pair of old jeans recently and a roughed them up with a cheese grater!

  2. You did a great job, they look fab! x

  3. LOVE the look of the shorts! Sooo cute!


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