Imagine my absolute delight when I heard a new vintage boutique was coming to town! As I mentioned in a previous post, since moving to Preston I have witnessed the grand-openings and sombre closing-downs of THREE vintage shops!! So it's safe to say that a new vintage shop was definitely needed.
Wonderland Vintage boutique has answered my fashion prayers. It has such a beautiful array of vintage clothing and accessories, you can tell the garments have been carefully sourced and received a lot of TLC from vintage fashion enthusiasts. The pricing is also fantastic. There is something to suit everyone's purse-strings from the £4 bargain bin to £28 cowboy boots and £55 fur coats. I fell in love with the belt collection and they had some gorgeous blouses for only £8 each.
The interior is so cute with an assortment of ornate mirrors, birdcages hanging from the ceiling, homemade-bunting, old records and posters on the wall. It truly is a lovely place to shop and I can see a huge amount of my wages being spent here!

All images 'borrowed' from Wonderland Boutique's Facebook page.

I got a chance to interview the lovely Missy via e-mail and here is what she had to say...

Who are the ladies behind Wonderland Boutique?-Introduce yourselves :)
Our names are Jo Wilson and Missy Jordan we are both 21 and having been best friends from nursery we have wanted to work together all our lives! So when uni didn't work out for me I came back from High Wycombe and Jo had returned from living with her boyfriend in Peterborough so we decided it was time for a change-let's do something we want to do! So we pinky promised and made a new years resolution to open our own vintage shop!

How do you source the vintage garments?Do you customise any of them? 
We get most of our stock shipped up from London and we find the odd bits and pieces here and there. We have reworked Levis denim and we are in the process of setting up our craft room in the back where in the future we will be making home and gift items.

Have you had experience in vintage retail before eg fairs/ online?
This is our first shop we have done and it's happened so quickly! We have done a few craft fairs but thats it!

Who are your style icons?
We have a few style icons like Katy Perry, Cindi Lauper, Kat Von D, Alaina Beaton and the classics like Bettie Page and Marilyn Monroe.

What is your favourite era for vintage fashion?
Our favourite eras change all the time. Jo's at the moment is 70s I love 60s and 80s.

Do you have any tips for people who are new to vintage shopping?
Our best tip for people is 'if you like it wear it, if it sparkles even better!!'

What is your favourite item of vintage clothing in your wardrobe?
My favourite items in my wardrobe are my crochet rainbow vest and turquoise faux fur shawl from LA. Jo loves her high waist levi shorts :) 

So if you are from Preston or the surrounding areas have a look in 'Wonderland' and support your local fashion business :)
Also check out 'Wonderland Vintage Boutique' HERE on Facebook.

Thanks for reading!
Rachelle xxx


  1. aaw, it looks so lovely! and those cupcakes look yummy :) x

  2. It looks so nice there, I wish there was something like that near me!

  3. i still haven't been here yet :( i saw the girls at the vintage and craft fair at the continental earlier this month, and purchased a very cute 'cup of tea' necklace from them.

    i'm so excited to go and have a rummage in the shop :)

  4. yes i am from preston :) well, not originally - i'm from wigan. but preston is my second home pretty much!


  5. love interview! super cute shop too :) xx

  6. their shop looks so cute. do they sell online as well?


  7. this is the best fashion blog name I have ever come across, genuinely. this shop is adorable, thanks for sharing.

    Helen, X

  8. Vintage AND free cake - what more could you want?!


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