Rachelle's 'I Can't Believe It's Not Beige' Travel Wishlist

It's 10 weeks til we leave on our travelling adventure, so I thought I would compile a wishlist of things I need to take with me. I'm going for practical yet fun approach, so I don't drown in a sea of beige and khaki like the adventure shops suggest! 
I like colour, print and functionality so here are my top picks:
After discovering that the backpacks I had bought previously were too big for hand luggage, I've been on the hunt for a smaller yet roomy backpack that will be suitable for cabin luggage and will be light enough to wear for a couple of hours, throw on a boat and not look like a 'tourist target'.
I've been researching and a 35-40L bag seems to be the best choice, large enough for an extended trip but still small enough to be practical. I love the colour of this backpack and it had fantastic reviews on Amazon. I have actually ordered this so I'm looking forward to doing some practice packing when it arrives :)

Can you believe that these are Crocs? I want a pair of sandals that are comfy, bold and suitable for paddling in the sea. These are perfect! They don't look too clunky and they will certainly brighten up any outfit. They're easy to clean and dry off too so there won't be any soggy shoes to worry about. I think they're cute enough to wear during the day yet still jazzy enough to wear at night.

After watching approximately 4869683984 videos on Youtube about 'How To Pack' (yes I'm a nerd) packing cubes seemed to be the common trend! These ones are slim enough to fit in a backpack and promise to keep your organised so you don't have to empty out you whole rucksack to find something at the bottom of your bag.

I looked at my earphones the other day and they are truly knackered, I'm surprised they haven't electrocuted me yet! So perfect timing to treat myself to a new pair ;) The longest flight I have been on in my life is 4 hours, this one is going to be at least 10! So I plan to listen to my music and maybe download a few podcasts and audio books to keep me entertained. Plus I'll be loading up my phone with calming whale music so that I'm mega chill on the plane and can perhaps have a lil sleepy. These ones cancel out any background noise so no crying babies or terrifying turbulence can interrupt my panpipes album.

I'm obsessed with  this stuff. Like, how can one teeny drop create so much lather?! Tell me your secrets Dr Bronner!
I really want a diddy bottle to take with me but in reality, I know I'm going to decant my big bottle into a mini one. This stuff has 18 uses apparently, I think I'll primarily use it as a body wash and perhaps as a gentle fabric wash too. I usually use it as a make-up brush cleaner too so that will be handy when I'm on the go.

I plan to eat all the (vegan) street food in Thailand and be a pro market shopper too. I have visions of myself eating half a watermelon on a beach with a spork! I'm an absolute chopstick novice so I think my spork will save me from making a fool of myself. Plus it's a lot more eco-friendly that disposable plastic cutlery.

My legs go funny after a few hours in the car so I definitely want to take extra precaution when I'm flying for so long! Compression socks are massively boring UNLESS they're pink and orange and stripey. I think it's worth investing in a proper pair as the last thing you want when you arrive in a new country is big, fat, achy ankles! These ones are made from an eco-friendly bamboo fibre which wicks away moisture too :)

When you're travelling with hand-luggage only it's difficult to prioritise what liquids to take (especially if you're taking 5 bottles of vegan SPF 50!) So I've been thinking about what liquids can be substituted for solid versions. I've been using a Lush Solid conditioner for a few months so I think I'll continue to use that and I've had a solid shampoo in the past and it lasted absolutely ages! It's good that I'm travelling with my boyfriend because we can share toiletries which is a bonus. I'm totally planning on getting all my hair braided and beaded anyway. Corn rows FTW!

What are you travel essentials? Have you travelled for a few months with only hand luggage? I'd love to hear your experiences...
Thanks for reading :)


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