Why I decided to leave my whimsical mansion & comfortable job to become unemployed & live in a caravan...

Hey guys,
 First things first there's been a whole lot of changes happening here at Whimsy Towers...

After April being a fairly crappy month, I found out I didn't get a job I'd been hoping for, my contract hours going down at work, things fizzling out with the guy I was seeing & general family dramas I decided I needed a change.

Where will I go? What will I do? Well, dear friends, this is something I've been trying to work out and the answer is I don't know the next step...
All I know is that I'm leaving Preston to go back to The Lakes & live in a caravan. I'm going to become a gypsy woman & take a few months off to discover what I really want to do with myself & maybe even find my calling. My housemates are in the same boat & they'll be leaving the ladybird nest & moving back to their parents. So the timing feels right.

After working in retail for 8 years (phew!) & struggling to get on the fashion career ladder without any 'experience' (read: years of unpaid internships) I'm going to take some time-out in the countryside. I'm going to finish my Nutritional Therapist course, start my Blogcademy course & really get to terms with creating content for my little space on the internet. Like a modern day Wordsworth...

The eclectic home of Trish Bygott, Nathan Crotty and their family in Fremantle, WA. Photo by Angelita Bonetti, styling by Anna Flanders for
From beautiful blossomy Whimsy Towers to Bohemian caravan life. (I wish that was my caravan)

I feel like I just need a couple of months of me-time. Is that selfish? Perhaps. I've not had a proper holiday for a few years now & my wanderlust urges are growing stronger by the day. So many people my age have seen so much of the world & I've never left Europe. I've been trying to save up to go travelling, but it just isn't happening & most months I break even.

I'll get a part-time job to tide me over & so I can give my parents some help with the bills. My mum gets married next month too so I'm really excited to have a family get-together. We've not had any marriages in the family since I was about 3 so I'm really looking forward to it.
After the wedding, my mum & future step-dad are going on a two-week honeymoon to the Outer Hebrides so I'm in charge of a nine-year-old, two border collies & three mischievous kittens. That'll be a reality shock consisting of school runs, dog walks & cleaning out the litter tray more times than I'd like to...

I'm really excited to be reunited with my friends from school who I don't see enough of. Spending the summer with them will be wonderful :) Plus catching up with my family who I rarely visit will be a treat! Saying that I'm really going to miss Preston, I leave here on the 7th June so between now & then I'm really going to make the most of my surroundings.

Right now, I'm on a minimalist mission, for those who know me personally-it's a big thing. I'm a little bit of a hoarder but in reality all my whimsical belongings won't fit in a 1980s caravan. I'm being super-ruthless & having a huge clear out.

So, that's quite big news for a Monday!
Thanks for reading & I'm excited to document the next few chapters into the unknown...
Rachelle xxx


  1. If you take too long with the litter tray the dogs use it as a snack bar, jus sayin. Looking forward to having you back in the family fold ( for "fold" read "menagerie") p.s its a 1999 caravan ;)

  2. Ahh this sounds so exciting! Can't think of a better place to go than the Lake District tbh, I spend loads of time there in a caravan as a kid and can't wait to go again this summer! Come back to Preston once in a while though yeah? :P
    lily x

  3. It sounds to me that you got the perfect plan for reflection there :D


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