#CheapNChicChallenge: 1/30 The Challenge Begins...

Hello everyone,
Thank you so much for joining/following me on this journey. If you haven't read my introductory post about the challenge, don't worry you can read it here. As it is the first day I wanted to share a few tips to ease you into the challenge...

First things first-have a little wardrobe sort-out. Anna is a queen of organisation & this video shows her extensive clear out routine :)

I'd recommend Homebargains or Primark for thin, velvet hangers on a budget. They create more room in your wardrobe that way & when things are hanging up you're less likely to forget about them.

Instead of a 'maybe pile' I'd be more inclined to make a 'fix it/re-work pile'. I have dresses that need a hem shortening, or maybe a white top that needs to be involved in a Dylon party plus the odd thing that needs a button sewing on etc. Next time your sat in front of the TV why not get something from the pile & spruce it up a little. Hand-stitching is so therapeutic.

Be ruthless with your giveaway pile, if you haven't worn it for over a year it needs to go to the charity shop. There are so many charities that are desperate for donations so do a good deed & give generously. It increases your chances of positive 'charity shop karma' too ;)

If you have an impulsive nature, set up a Pinterest board, write an 'I want it but can't have it...yet' list. Basically take note of everything you would usually buy on impulse & after 4 weeks see if you still really need it in your life. It's an excellent show of will power plus you can really work out if the neon, furry jumper has a place to be adored in your wardrobe!
This is totally optional (I mean it's ALL optional) but I'm putting aside a tenner a week so that at the end of the challenge I can invest in some eco-friendly basics. There is a post lined up about finding fair-trade & organic cotton clothes on a budget so keep your eyes peeled for that.
Join me here on Monday, Wednesday & Friday Evenings for the latest installment of the challenge for all of September  :D Remember to use the #CheapNChicChallenge hashtag on your social media & feel free to use the image on your blogs/Instagram. 

Good luck & please share this post with your friends who would be interested in taking part :) Send me a tweet if you're getting involved!
Thanks for reading!
Rachelle xxx

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