Happy November folks!
November is one of my favourite months of the year. I love bonfire night, wrapping up in gloves, scarfs & fleece-lined tights, the shops getting all festive and of course it's my birthday month! I'm going to be a grand, old age of 23 this year. I haven't really asked for anything specific for my birthday as I don't really need anything but here are a few things that I've been eyeing up recently...
Sabrina was my favourite programme to watch when I was a kid, I recently visited my friend and she had the whole boxset! I've never actually watched it all in chronological order and I'm sure watching it again will be totally different! I have so much love for Salem too, what a funny cat.
I first got a whiff of this gorgeous perfume in House of Fraser. It was the night of 'Vogue's Fashion Night Out' in Manchester and I was just having a good moochy mooch,. The Guerlain counter lady offered me a spray and gave me a sample to take home. At first I wasn't particularly bothered but the scent really grew on me. It has notes of black cherry, almond, smoked tea and patchouli which initially is quite a fresh fragrance that settles to a smokier scent which I personally love.
After firmly staying away from the running shoe 'trend' I have caved in and decided that my feet need some super-supportive yet super-pretty trainers for my daily commute. These Nike ones are my favourite so far. I love the leopard print (obviously) & the pink & purple tones are my favourite colours. They are £80 (gasp!) & as a self-confessed cheapskate they do seem out of my budget so I thought if I get some birthday money they can be put towards a pair :)
My housemate (oh heeeey Hayley) kindly gave me some sample sizes of this illuminator that she'd got in Selfridges, that was a good while ago and now I'm getting to the end of the tiny tube. I never thought I'd feel so attached to an illuminator! I really like the warm golden/apricot flecks of glitter and it adds just the right amount of luminosity without making my skin look ridiculously sparkly or greasy. It is £22 for a tube but I presume that it would last me ages as the 5ml sample one has lasted me a good few months. I don't wear it everyday but I love applying a little to the tops of my cheekbones for a healthy glow. 
I've followed Bleach London on Instagram for ages and there was certainly a lot of hype surrounding the launch of their home dye kits & colours. I'm no stranger to a bit of hair dye so I'm interested to find out what the results would be on darker hair as apposed to bleached hair. I love purple tones in my hair so bruised violet sounds like my kinda hue!

Now I just need to make some birthday plans! Who wants to party ;)

Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx


  1. I absolutely loved sabrina the teenage witch - I need to go on amazon right now and look for it haha. best show ever! x


  2. Oh my god, as if there is a Sabrina Box set!! I HAVE to add this to my birthday wish list too! ;)


  3. Deffo need Sabrina. The other year they were all on youtube (sadly taken down now!) but I watched them all in order over the summer and so much nostalgia!

    I also saw Aunt Hilda in Edinburgh in August :') x

  4. Sabrina! I haven't watched that since I was about 10! x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness


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