Dream Wardrobe Building: BLACK BASICS WISHLIST

Hello :)
So I've decided that I am going to carry on my 'Dream Wardrobe Building' feature and the key to any capsule/working wardrobe is basics. I have a confession to make-I don't like 'basics' I find them well, you know, umm boring :|
Pretty much everything I own has a pattern or a motif or something to jazz it up a bit but honestly I do think this makes it difficult to have a workable wardrobe without going all 'clashing prints' every day of the week.
I'm trying to get myself excited by plain fabrics and timeless cuts so I have come up with a few wardrobe necessities that I am severely lacking in the clothing department.
I'd really love to have a capsule wardrobe of quality basics that will last for a long time but still look as amazing in 10 years as they do now!
Most style books I have read suggest 'a crisp white men's shirt' or a 'camel trench-coat', true they may be classic pieces but they don't really reflect my personal style.
So I've chosen black key pieces that I think will work season to season.

I've wanted a bowler-esque hat for ages. I think some high street ones can look quite cheap yet I didn't quite have £50+ to spend on the beautiful ones in my local vintage shop. H&m came to the rescue with this cute hat. 
Fluffy jumpers are set to be a big deal this A/W but I think a classic, black angora jumper will be a wardrobe staple for years to come. I like the fact that it's cropped & when I'm wearing plain clothes I like using texture to add extra interest to a simple outfit.
Ohh the dream leather jacket. I love the style of Muubaa leather jackets as although they are timeless they have great details too. I really like the textured quilting on the shoulders & I'm always a fan of the asymmetric fastening. This is a real investment piece at £400 but it will last forever. I'm gutted as last year I saw a few Muubaa jackets in TKmaxx reduced to £150 but at the time I had no money, Here's hoping that they get some in stock this year too.
This Zara tee is perfect, over-sized yet structured. It would look great with a skinny long sleeve top underneath & could easily be dressed up or down. I don't actually own any proper basic t-shirts that I wear casually. All my black tops are mainly for work so nothing too exciting.
A high waist skater skirt would be a welcome addition to my wardrobe. I literally wear high waist things all the time now. Again to add a bit of something something I enjoy the black acid wash effect. Kinda grungy but the silhouette is a classic. It would look really cute with thick knit tights and boots.
These boots are beautiful! As most of you know I'm a big Dr Martens fan and it wouldn't be a wishlist without a new pair! I've had a couple of pairs of the furry lined boots before & they literally save my life in the winter. So cosy & practical. The boots I've had before have always had a suede outer and I find that they do get tatty quite quickly so I think a classic leather pair with the sheepskin lining will last a lot longer.

So there we have it. I may have accidentally bought the bowler hat already. I'm seriously lusting after the Dr Martens as the UK has completely missed autumn temperatures and it's wintery already-Why September?!

What are your favourite key pieces in your wardrobe?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx

P.S I've decided that I'm going to add a song at the bottom of each post from now on,. Either a song I can't stop playing or something that complements the topic I'm posting about :) 

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  1. You soo can't go wrong with black, that cropped jumper from zara is awesome, I really want a massive angora jumper to hide in for when the winter comes.

    I know, it's waayyyyy to cold already, or is it becuase summer was so nice we're just not used to it now?!




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