Charity Shop Chic: BUMPER EDITION!

Hello everyone,
 So I've been a bit lapse on the whole charity shop blogging, although that doesn't mean I've not found anything! I did attempt to make a video showing all the things I'd managed to find but I just look like such a goon, hopefully I'll feel more confident doing them in the future. Until then here are my favourite buys from the last few weeks...
St Michael Houndstooth Jacket £2.00: Really cute 60s inspired jacket. There was a teeny mark on the cardigan in the shop so she let me have it for £2, nothing a bit of Vanish couldn't sort out :) I love the gold buttons!
Jaeger Wool Cardigan £3.50: This cardigan is much brighter than the photo and its a lovely thick quilted wool material. Great for the transition from coat to thinner outer layers for spring (haha it's peeing it down as I type this!) Again I must've been having a thing for gold buttons that day as this one has them too!
Floral Crop Top £3: Not sure what brand this is but I'm guessing it's just a high street cheapy. I used to be very particular about not buying high street brands in charity shops unless it was decent quality but I've worn this little crop top so much already and it's still looks new!
Polka Dot Crop Top £2: I've worn this polka dot number so many times too! It's actually a size 16 (I'm more of an 8-10) and has a big square neck but I just wear it backwards and it's a relaxed, oversized crop shape :)
Fred Perry Tee £2.99: I'm having a bit of a Fred Perry moment, I bought my Fred Perry dress from TKMaxx a few weeks ago for a bargain of £25 and then I spotted this beauty in the mens section of the charity shop a couple of days ago! It looks really cute with my denim shorts. I was contemplating whether to go a bit scissor happy and cut the sleeves and length a bit but I've decided against that, instead I'm going to appreciate it's classic t-shirt shape.
Tie Dye Sweater £1.99: If you follow me on Instagram (which you totally should by the way!) you will have noticed this tie dye top getting a lot of attention! I wear it so much! I remember being in Oxfam thinking 'it's awful but I love it' so for a measly £1.99 I just couldn't leave it behind.
Printed Shorts £1.50: Ok so these shorts are actually pyjama shorts however I think on a sunny day I can totally get away with wearing them as daywear. I love the monochrome 'fleur de lis' print, and they are a sturdy cotton material with an elasticated high-waist :)
Diesel Dungaree Dress £3.50: Eeee when I saw these in the charity shop I actually did a happy dance (When I got into the changing room where no-one could see me!) I've been looking for a black dungaree dress for aages. I just couldn't bring myself to go into Topshop and pay ridiculous amounts for something that is having a moment in the fashion world. It fits perfectly although is a little on the short side, but hey that's the story of my life-thanks giraffe legs!
80s Leather Jacket £15: Ahhh another beautiful find! I've been on a quest for the perfect leather jacket for  like, ever. Here it is folks! Found in the mens section of a charity shop in Grange. It always pays to check out all the sections! It is really 80s, has gorgeous flocked leather panels, a leather tie belt and even a top gun lining!! £15 is such a bargain for a real leather jacket and I'm planning on getting it altered so that it fits perfectly and I can wear it forever I.D.S.T.
Tan & Black Stag Bag £2.50: I found this last week, and although it isn't vintage (Accessorize if you were wondering) it still has vintage charm. It looks like new and the gold stag head it super cute! I don't usually wear brown bags but this is a sweet exception :) I found it online and although it went in the sale and is now sold out, it's original RRP was £32 BOOM!
Oasis Checked Trousers £3: As I mentioned before my giraffe legs don't always make trouser shopping the easiest of activities, hence why I usually stick to tights and skirts/shorts combos. These trousers are just the most flattering shape I have ever worn! They are tight enough on my tiny waist, skim over my shapely bottom haha *adecdote time* Once whilst I was waiting at the train station with my headphones in but not on (anti-social) I heard a group of girls say 'Wow her bum is so out of proportion to her body, she's skinny but her butt is like HUGE!' Some people would be mortified at that comment not me though, I like my big bum! Although 'huge' is a massive exaggeration! Anyway, then the trousers taper down to a skinny leg that finish below my actual ankle instead of mid calf like most trousers-hooray for longer length! They are from Oasis, no idea how long ago though. they are a size 12L which makes me think they are quite old as it is a very small 12!

I hope you like these kind of posts, I often get asked by my friends and family if I could charity shop on behalf of them, it is difficult to shop for other people anyway especially even more so when charity shopping as you never know what you're gonna find and the sizing is so unpredictable! I genuinely wish I could be a professional charity shopper. I wonder if such a job exists...

Which is you favourite item from my 'haul'? Do you enjoy charity shopping?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx


  1. I'm a huge charity shop fan. Me and my mum go on charity shop shopping sprees. We love Wigan as theres quite a few in the city centre.
    I love car boot sales too! Xx

  2. the bag you found is so awesome. i love finding little treasures in charity shops.

  3. I love the polkadot top! :D
    following your blog :)


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