Hi...remember me?!

A massive hello!

I seriously cannot believe I've not updated 'Inspired By The Retired' for almost THREE MONTHS! 
Life kinda got in the way. Well the final few months of my degree definitely got in the way. Its been pretty intense for the last few weeks but I can finally say 'I'M FREE'. I handed in all my university work last week and it feels amazing! This week I've had so much fun, getting back into charity shopping, soaking up the sunshine in the park, going out for delicious meals, outrageous nights out and  basically I'm a lover of life again :)
I'm still in Preston for the next few weeks until I move back to live with my mum in the lakes for the summer. I don't have a 'life plan of action' yet but I think that's the fun of it right now!

I have missed blogging SO much, and I really want to say thanks to everyone for sticking with me :) Over the next few weeks I'm hopefully gonna have a bit of a re-vamp of the layout and get some outfit posts up for y'all! Oooh I also have a few thrifty finds and some reviews lined up too...

I hope you're all having a lovely jubilee weekend!
Rachelle xxx


  1. Welcome back! I know what you mean as I have been in the same boat! I don't have a life plan of action yet either which worries me slightly, I think I should relax a bit and not stress so much..more shopping instead!

    Karys x

  2. Welcome back and well done for finishing your degree!

  3. glad to hear you've handed all your work in, look forward to your future posts!

    from, helen at // @thelovecatsinc


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