Thrifty Finds: Sale Shopping

 Sale shopping: love it or hate it? I hate shopping in real shops during the sales and wouldn't ever consider going shopping on Boxing day! I much prefer online shopping at sale time but then its the eternal dilemma of 'will it fit, what does it feel like' etc so I tend to stick to accessories and homeware. 
The other day my housemates had returned & the student loan was paid in so we went to Deepdale retail park and had a mooch around the shops. I thought sale season was pretty much over and just assumed there would be the dregs left out in a messy pile. New Look was our first stop and there were rails and rails of sale stuff left! I'm in the process of 'organising' my wardrobe and I realised that I didn't own many plain, colourful items of clothing, most of my stuff is black or has a crazy print! So I bought...
 Long sleeve mustard top £3, Dusky blue vest top £2, Purple wool shorts £6 & Pink high-waist shorts £6
  The best bargain of the day-this leather jacket! If you follow me on twitter you'll know that a leather jacket and chelsea boots were on top of my list! Now this jacket is actually from the kids section but is an age 14-15 so roughly a size 8 and it was an unbelievable £6!
Next was a trip to Clarks. I have not worn Clarks shoes since I was about six years old! I went in on a whim thinking that they might have some decent quality chelsea-esque boots. I was really excited when I spotted these two pairs straight away reduced to half price in the sale. The sizing is very different in Clarks usually I am a 7 but the boots were huge, luckily the helpful sales assistant found me a 6.5 in the cowboy style in the stockroom but there was only a size 7 left in the Chelsea boots so I admitted defeat and just bought the cowboy boots for £37. The next day I was in Preston city centre and thought I'd check to see if the store in town had the Chelsea boots in a 6.5 and after another manic search on the shop assistants behalf they found some! Also another bonus is that they had been further reduced by £10 so they were only £27! Such a lucky day :) So now I have two pairs of lovely 'proper' leather boots that should hopefully last me a long time.
I also bought this striped breton top in new look for £4 & thought I'd include a pic of me wearing the jacket ;)

Have you found any bargains in the sales? Do you tend to buy 'proper' shoes or just get cheapy ones and replace them often?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx


  1. Some fab bargains :) I found some reduced vintage boots from £75 to £20! Proper shoes are definitely better them cheap ones, saves your money in the long run Xx

  2. I tend to stick to cheap shoes as I quite enjoy going around April time to pick up a few different pairs of sandals/dolly shoes and then about September going to pick out some different boots. Most of my shoes only last me one season other than my heels which I've had forever.

    I guess although it probably costs me more money in the long-term, I quite enjoy having a different shoe wardrobe all the time!

  3. love everything you got :) i'm really bad at buying shoes. i rarely get any. but i'm getting better and bought around 3 pairs over christmas. very out of character for me. haha :) love the jacket, too! i always look at the kids things in H&M because they're pretty big sizes. never checked in new look but i might have to now. haha.


  4. Absolutely love the shorts! Should add a much needed pop of colour until English weather gets better...

  5. Oooh the clarks chelsea boots are such a steal! I think proper shoes are always the way forward, but I can't deny a few cheap flats once and awhile!


  6. After years of cheapy shoes I struck the right balance with a pair of solid river island boots reduced to 20 from 65! can't say their the most flattering shoes but they do the job.Love your blog AND your sleek hair! x :)

  7. I love the shorts with the contrasting pockets :)


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