New Hair & New Nails

Hey guys,
Just a quickie post today as I'm off home to the Lake District in a couple of hours and need to get wiggle on and get ready! Its my great aunties birthday meal today so all of my mums side of the family meet together at a lovely hotel and gorge on food! Five course meal? Yes please!
I've just looked out the window and its raining in Preston again, I hope you've all been enjoying the laavly late summer, I've been at uni and worked the past few days so I haven't really made the most of it :(

Anyway so I had my hair done last week and its a gorgeous red violet colour with pinky tones and streaks. It looks quite red in the sunlight and its actually growing yippee! Last year my hair was almost completely shaved but now I'm longing for longer hair again so fingers crossed it stays that way. I've had so many hairstyles over the years would you guys be interested if I did a 'hair history' kind of post? 

I also had my nails done too. I'm still really into sparkly nails and the OPI 'I lily love you' polish is amazing, its like a top coat for me now I always add it for extra sparkle! It looks amazing on black too, almost like galaxy print so I think that might be the next look. Its quite difficult to capture the polishes effect on camera because the different size chunks of holographic glitter are so shiny!

Also if you follow me on twitter you'll now that I had my eyebrows threaded for the first time yesterday! Its such a weird sensation, on the pain scale I'd rate it a 2/10 it wasn't as bad as people make out! I'm really impressed with the results too so I'll definitely be going back for more...

I feel like I'm turning into a right beauty addict, last year I only ever got my hair done at a salon but now I want to try everything! My local salon is amazing, they've just expanded so are offering loads of new treatments. I'm so tempted to get some semi-permanent lashes whilst they are half price, £25 seems like a bargain and they do look absolutely fantastic.

Whats you're favourite salon treatment? Has anyone tried the semi-permanent lashes?
As always, thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx


  1. dear rachelle, i've been popping in here every so often and i really enjoy your style. love what you do with your hair, especially in the downpours&daisies post. and the new colour is just fabulous. i'd really like to see your 'hair history'. :) lots of love. lejka

  2. Your hair look great and love your nails!

  3. Your hair looks awsome, I would so be interested in a hair history post.

  4. Your hair looks fab. as if it's grown that much in a year?! tell me your secrets! I have a wedding in August and want long tresses!


  5. Your hair is AMAZING! I dye my hair myself and it has got to the point where my hair is breaking and disintergrating! (eeek) so no more hair colouring for me until next year. Really love your hair here, so vibrant. And I love how hair colour looks different in sunlight. Thank you for your comment, Rachelle. Definitely enter the competition next year! And hopefully I get to go again, we shall meet and greet! x

  6. thank you for such a lovely comment on my blog deary! your hair looks amazing here, and i love the nails! xxx

  7. I love your hair!!! And your nail look great :)

  8. Red hair looks seriously rad on you, Rachelle! I used to have Rihanna-type red hair years ago, haha, but it was such a pain to keep. I was dyeing my hair every other week to keep it vibrant!
    Would definitely be interested in a hair story :D

    x Michelle |

  9. your looks amazing!!!love your blog. Also, I'm awarding you the "Tell Me About Yourself" award. Check out this post for more info here

  10. Your nails are so gorgeous!


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