Things that make me happy...

Catmel sticky toffee ice cream!
Short, sweet & sparkly nails
Thick cable knit tights
The Thrift book, lots of inspiring tips
Wok 2 Eat noodles nomnom
Gathering weird things for upcoming photoshoots
Extra mild fajita night!

                       Strawberry Milkshake in my Smurfette glass!                                                          New super-cosy Dr Martens    

Honestly I've not been up to much since I last posted, mainly just working and eating haha! I got paid yesterday and had a huge list of things that I wanted to buy only to find that I hadn't been paid as much as I expected boooo. After a trip to Morrisons, a top-up and getting my nails done I'm poor again :(  Oh well not long until student loan day!

I've got an interview tomorrow for some part-time work experience for a creative and cultural events company. I won't say too much in case I jinx myself but I don't have a flippin' clue what to wear! Arghh! It's not a suit kinda job but I think smart casual may be the best option. If anyone has any suggestions let me know!       

Also I'm offering all my readers 25% off ALL stock in my vintage shop. I'm back to uni on the 20th so I won't be able to devote my time to the little vintage adventure.  If you want a bargain enter the code: BYEBYESHOP25 at the checkout!      

I cannot believe it's September already! Is everyone as excited for Autumn as I am?!
Thanks for reading,
Rachelle xxx


  1. I really can't believe it's September either! This year's going so quickly... Would kill for some of that ice cream right now x

  2. This post has made me really hungry lol I do like little photo diaries like this :) x

  3. Love your nails, and your boots wowwwwww xxx

  4. I went to an ice cream pallor today!Your docs look blumming gorgeous i'm so jealous! xxx

  5. awww lovely post. those dr martens really do look cosy! x

  6. I love thick tights, i need to stock up for winter! The ice cream looks so tasty, all the food does actually!

  7. How cute is the smurf glass ?
    Answer too cute.

  8. So with you on the cable knit tights. Bring on Autumn!

    Penny x

  9. What exactly are those purple things you're holding in the third to last picture?? They look so interesting! I've been looking for similar beading...

    stop by!

  10. Good luck with the interview! All this fooooood looks absolutely delicious, and I love your Dr Martens.


  11. I love ice cream too! never tried sticky toffee though might need to now. Good luck

  12. Good luck with the interview lovely! (:
    I'm sure you'll get it with those gorgeous nails of yours (:


  13. oh my gosh them dm's! i need them asap
    much love,

  14. The ice cream looks incredible <3 And I am obsessing over your darling Smurfette glass!

    Lost in the Haze


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