Flowers, Feathers & a Flippin' Coat in August!!

Polka Dot Blouse- Charity Shop
Check Coat-Charity Shop
Denim Shorts-Charity Shop
Velvet Belt-Charity Shop
Betsey Johnson Tights-TKMaxx
Converse via Ebay a few years ago
Leopard Tote Bag-Mega old I think I got it from peacocks when I was about 15 haha

I visited my mum & sister back in Cartmel in the Lake District last week. How cold was it for August?! I was freezing! So glad that I packed my long sleeve blouse and this jacket from my latest Charity Shop Haul!
The photos of me were taken by my little sister who is only five! Shes got some mad photography skillz!
So we left my mum to prepare for her jewellery fair and went for a wander around the village. I have to take bazillions of photos of flowers for my summer project and luckily Cartmel has lots of pretty flowers growing everywhere. We went to the park and fed the very hungry ducks that practically ambushed us! 
As for the rest of my time there it was fairly chilled out. I spent hours catching up with BINTM and 'Country House Rescue' snuggled up with Mimi the cat :)

Since arriving back in Preston I've been at work every day! Ebay must've seen my last post and answered my bloggy prayer as it was free listing all weekend! I've listed over 40 items so I feel a bit square eyed still haha. If you wanna check out my listings click here. I'm doing an experiment to see if my vintage clothing sells any better on ebay. I was gonna do 'buy it now' prices for everything but the sneaky thing tried to charge me 22p for each one! So I've just left it at the price which is the same as Bigcartel.
I'm working again today and then I have four days off woo, I've got some fun posts lined up for y'all too ;)

I hope you've all had a nice weekend, Have you snagged any bargains on eBay lately?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx


  1. You look lovely and these are awesome pics. I wish the summer has been better. I know so many people who prefer the cold weather and the rain (are they mad?! probably!!) but i get so depressed when it's cold! Can't believe summer is nearly over soon. Best buy myself a new coat to cheer myself up! :) x

  2. awrh the weather is miserable over here in the North West lately isn't it! Although having said that i spy abit of sun creeping through my windows now. Deceiving most probs ha. Love the folded up shorts, great outfit! (:


  3. Those ducks are so cute! I love your tights, they're wonderful and look great with this outfit :)


  4. The weather is so odd at the moment, but you look wonderful in your coat. Good luck with the ebay stuff. x

  5. I expect we'll get some sunshine in the late Autumn, September time which is completely messed up!

  6. Me again! Just wanted to say thank you for the brilliant comment you've left on my blog. It's so refreshing to meet like-minded women. x

  7. It's annoying to have to wear a coat in August but at least it's an absolutely lovely coat. I need to do some ebay hunting soon, pick up some buys for holiday :D

  8. I dug out two of my winter jumpers this week cos I was so cold, I hate British Summer =(
    Hopefully the weather will pick up!
    You look great none-the-less, love all the mix of prints in this outfit xoxo

  9. Lovely outfit ^_^ Tehe, the ducks are sho shweet! <3

  10. Simply gorgeous


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